Master’s Degree in Sports Training & Nutrition

Up to 1 yr
28 / 02
This program is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge of state of-the-art training methods, trends in sports nutrition, and aids for improving sports performance

Full description

Our Master in Sports Nutrition is an official masters programme, which lasts for 9 months, in which you will specialise in these two areas: sports training and nutrition, with the aim that you can develop and grow as a professional in the sport sector. You will study modules such as biochemistry and psychology, nutrition and ergogenic aids, and sports injuries, among others. Specialise in developing training plans and nutritional strategies based on the needs of the athlete, improving their sports performance.

As a student of the master in sports nutrition, you will have access to some of the leading facilities of any university in Spain, including a state-of-the-art sports centre which also includes human research labs. You’ll also be taught by experts in the sports training and nutrition field, many of them working at Real Madrid and other top organisations in the sports industry.



Villaviciosa de Odón 60 ECTS
Start: 18 oct. 2024 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid
10 Months School of Sports Sciences
Official degree Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea

Why study the Master in Sports Nutrition?
Choose the only official Sports Training and Nutrition programme in Spain, a unique experience that immerses you in practical application from day one. You’ll learn from an internationally renowned teaching staff and take advantage of exclusive professional opportunities.

Key Competencies
Basic competencies

  • Possess and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and / or application of ideas, often in a research context.
  • That students know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their ability to solve in new or little-known environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of ​​study
  • That students are able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of formulating judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.
  • That students know how to communicate their conclusions –and the knowledge and ultimate reasons that support them- to specialised and non-specialised audiences in a clear and unambiguous way.
  • That students possess the learning skills that allow them to continue studying in a way that will be largely self-directed or autonomous.

Internships are a key part of your education. Acquiring experience and putting into practice what you have learned during your degree is the best way to enter the employment market. There are two types of internship: curricular (which is included as part of your programme) and extracurricular (which you can do on a voluntary basis).

The master's syllabus includes a mandatory internship in nutrition or training fields, as well as a final year project. Students shall receive the guidance of a professor for this project. At students’ disposal are state-of-the-art equipment and a sports centre (including weights room, cardio room and functional training room), an athletics track and a football pitch, where they can acquire the experience needed to pursue their profession with the benefit of a higher degreeof training.

The professional opportunities take place in sports clubs or centers, sports corporations, gyms, clinics or private or public institutes (integrated in Town Halls or Boards of Trustees) where the sports medicine service is offered and even as self-employed professionals.

The acquisition of the competences included in this master's degree reinforces the professional training acquired in current university degrees related to Physical Activity Sciences, Sports, Nutrition and even health: Bachelor of Physical Activity Sciences and Sports, Graduated in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports, Graduated in Medicine, or Nursing, Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Diploma in Nutrition, Graduated in Physiotherapy, Master in Physical Education or their equivalent degrees.

Career Opportunities
Upon completion of your studies, you shall possess the scientific knowledge needed to investigate, plan, prioritise and properly schedule physical workloads and impart appropriate nutritional advice for athletes of different ages and performance levels.

The aim of this course is for students to receive a comprehensive training which shall prepare them to:

  • Programme short-, medium- and long-term training plans in various contexts.
  • Handle devices for analysing human movements and monitoring training.
  • Prepare natural nutritional and supplemental diets, combined with timing intake.
  • Carry out performance and body composition assessments.
  • Carry out scientific research and development.

Develop the professional network you need to succeed by networking with our international teaching staff, diverse student body and the leading professionals you’ll meet at numerous events throughout the year.

A range of exciting professional internships are made available to you so you can acquire the skillset needed to thrive in the sports industry.

The professional opportunities linked to this specialisation are linked to sports training and nutrition. The student will have the opportunity to develop professionally in any of the following areas of action:

  • Physical trainer in sports teams and / or clubs.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Coach.
  • Nutritionist Advisor.
  • Physical-sports service companies.
  • Fitness / wellness chains.
  • Clubs and Federations.
  • Analysis of the sports competition

Academic Quality
As part of its strategy, the University has an internal quality plan whose objective is to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement, and which allows it to face future challenges with the maximum guarantee of success. In this way, it is committed to promoting the achievement of external recognitions and accreditations, both nationally and internationally; the measurement and analysis of results; simplification in management; and the relationship with the external regulator.

Profile for prospective students and how to access this degree
The Master's in Sports Training and Nutrition is aimed at graduates in Sport Sciences, Nutrition, Physical Education Teaching, Medicine, Physiotherapy or Nursing. This program does not qualify for the profesión. Other university graduates with (accredited) experience in the subject may also enroll if they pass the selection process.

Admissions requirements
For access to the master’s programme, students are legally required, in accordance with the provisions of R.D. 861/2010:

To possess an official Spanish university degree or another degree issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area.

To possess a degree in accordance with educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area without the need for the regulatory approval of their degree, conditional upon verification by the University that this degree accredits the equivalent level of training as the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and allows students in the country issuing the degree to access postgraduate education. Access by this route shall not imply, in any case, either the regulatory approval of the previous degree of which the interested party is in possession or its recognition for purposes other than studying the master’s.

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