Head of Teqis

Budapest, Hungary
17 May 2019
16 Jun 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Fédération​ Internationale de Teqball – International Teqball Federation (FITEQ)

Teqball experienced a massive growth over the past years as a result of increasing athlete participation, a rapidly-growing fan base and the development of strategic partnerships. Such progress was demonstrated by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), when in August 2018, the General Assembly unanimously recognized ‘Teqball’ as an official sport in the OCA sports programme. As far as the event calendar is concerned, two editions of the Teqball World Cup have been held. The first in Budapest, Hungary in June 2017 and the second in Reims, France in October 2018 with 42 countries’ national teams competed for the total prize pool of USD $100,000. Until now, FITEQ has only been about a football-based sport, but it is expanding!

Based on recent accomplishments, FITEQ seeks to continue widening its horizon by introducing new ball game sports which will be played on the same teqball table. The federation is globally developing four new sports at a rapid pace by expanding FITEQ’s National Federation framework and its competition portfolio.

FITEQ is primed for action and is looking forward to an exciting future built on great ambitions, flourishing partnerships and optimism. At FITEQ a young, energetic team is waiting for You to help develop the multi-sports aspect! 

Multi-sports at FITEQ 

The teqball table is a perfect piece of sports equipment for further ball games such as Teqis (Tennis), Teqpong (Table tennis), Teqvoly (Volleyball) and Qatch (Handball). Each new function will have its own set of rules developed by FITEQ and professional athletes. 

In the second part of 2019 each sport will host an international prize award tournament which are to be organized and conducted. Teqball will also be travelling all around the world promoting these sports.

We are looking for an experienced and passionate person for the Head of Teqis role with relevant tennis past. 


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar position or in tennis sports development 
  • University or college degree;
  • Fluent in English (both written and oral), additional languages are an advantage;
  • Instructor or management experience;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Working well with others whether leading or contributing to a project;
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.);
  • Outstanding communication and performing skills;
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills;


  • International relations in sport diplomacy;
  • Professional sport background in tennis 
  • Sports diploma.


  • Continuous testing of Teqis, choosing the correct sports equipment and consulting with professional players, while working closely with the professional leader;
  • Developing and recording the rules of Teqis with the professional leader;
  • Organizing a video series about the rules of each sport, officially registering their rule books and continuously updating them;
  • Developing a TeqTraining program with the professional leaders and documenting them in written and video format; converting the documents to sales material in close collaboration with the sales department;
  • Finding and training referees in co-operation with the person responsible for the referee training;
  • Creating general introduction materials;
  • Tracking and developing the technical developments of Teqis;
  • Co-ordinating the social media team, creating channels based on own branding, supervising and organizing the production of content for these channels; tracking the promotion of contents and optimizing social media costs (in co-operation with the marketing team);
  • Developing a specific sport website with IT developers and graphic designers;
  • Creating and developing unified promotional and marketing materials, molinos and presentation material in co-operation with the graphic designers;
  • Seeking out potential ambassadors and negotiating terms;
  • Managing, controlling and supervising people involved in the project,
  • Creating an intellectual product for the employer.


  • Making sure that there is proper representation of the sport at all international competitions which are the base sports of Teqsports, including all organizational tasks with follow-up;
  • Seeking out capable Associates and Organizers, negotiating all terms and conditions, mapping out suitable locations, taking care of the hiring process of animators, hostesses, referees, photographers and film makers.
  • Negotiating with professional players (contestants) about representing the sport (interviews, videos, social media, etc.);
  • Taking care of the production of suitable apparel;
  • Making sure that all tables and equipment get to the locations
  • Attending networking events;
  • Organizing accommodation, catering and trips of the attendees;
  • Fixing fees of the registration and entrance;
  • Taking part in the production, marketing and promotional material;
  • Organizing gifts;
  • Following up on the list of celebrities and stars attending our events;


  • Keeping in touch with the organizers and other partners (hotel, bus, etc.);
  • Getting price quotations for hostesses, catering companies, complementary performances, etc.;
  • Contract negotiation and follow-up;
  • Designing and following up social media appearances for every event, together with the marketing department;
  • Organizing events, helping with the booking of accommodation, travel, table transportation, marketing material, etc;
  • Planning the execution of competitions;
  • Keeping in touch with sponsors and overseeing the process.

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