Social Media Producer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
01 Nov 2018
01 Dec 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Reporting to the  Communications Media Manager, the Social Media Producer is responsible for executing and overseeing the day to day management of BWF's social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

This includes working with the Communications and Media Manager to execute and produce various forms of content in line with the overall digital content strategy and supporting the content curation efforts of the entire Communications Department from a social media perspective.

This person must also assist in developing continuity between our English language and Chinese language social media platforms as well as carrying out various social media monitoring and reporting duties.


The Social Media Producer forms a crucial part of the Communications  Department, reporting to the Communications and Media Manager and working alongside an energetic and creative team of writers, reporters and designers.

Together with the Communications Department Staff, the Communications Officer is responsible for;

  1. Having editorial management over BWF’s social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Coordinating the BWF Social Media Posting Calendar in collaboration with the Communications and Media Manager and in line with the overall BWF Communications Plan.
  3. Working with the Communications and Media Manager, Communications Officers and external partner production office to ensure the timely sharing and publishing of all news, announcements, reports, videos and graphic and visual content on BWF’s social media platforms.
  4. Creating, curating, producing and repurposing various visual, written and statistical material into short-form content for Facebook and Instagram posts. These types of content include infographics, GIFS, memes and short-form videos.
  5. Contribute and help coordinate the short-form content generation of BWF’s partner production office and other relevant stakeholders.
  6. Monitoring, reporting and regulating the growth and progression of these social media platforms.
  7. Monitoring social media for all Badminton related news, announcements and relevant international sports and events. 
  8. Assisting in bringing to life storytelling concepts for commercial, developmental and educational marketing activations.
  9.  Working with the Communications and Media Manager and Communications Department to help create continuity between our English-language and Chinese-language social media platforms.
  10. Supporting the communications function in any other way



Qualities / Attributes                 

The successful candidate will have an in-depth understanding of the latest social and digital media trends and behaviours and a brilliant creative mind for producing dynamic sports and non-sports related content.

You will have an excellent understanding of the social and digital media ecosystem, as well as excellent organisational and coordination skills and be an effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills.

Your ability to adapt to different roles and responsibilities and produce, publish and manage a variety of traditional and digital content types across multiple social media platforms is essential.

Having worked in a multi-cultural environment will also be an advantage as will being fluent in other languages, particularly Mandarin.

A flexible attitude in working and thriving in a small team of personnel will also be essential.


Selection Criteria       

Candidates for the position will require a range of personal and professional skills to be considered for the role. The key criteria below will be used as a basis for short listing candidates for the interview phase.

Applications for the position must address each criteria, providing examples from their experience / employment background.

a) Qualifications and Experience

  1. Relevant formal qualifications – a degree in media / communications / marketing / production;
  2. Experience in producing and publishing large quantities of social media content across multiple platforms;
  3. A brilliant creative mind for coordinating and bringing to life strategic marketing and communication concepts;
  4. Experience in working in multi-cultural work environments.

b) Knowledge and Skills

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills and proven capacity to support the work of others;
  2. Excellent English written and spoken language skills and superior presentation skills;
  3. Additional language skills (Mandarin) is desired;
  4. Advanced digital production skills including graphic design and video editing;
  5. Understanding of traditional, digital and social media platforms and various forms of communication techniques and content curation / presentation styles;
  6. Understanding of the sports industry and the role of an international federation / world body in the structure of an Olympic Games sport.

c) Personal Attributes

  1. You will have a positive outlook to employment and be a person that takes pride in the quality of work;
  2. Capacity to work independently with minimal supervision.


Negotiated with the successful candidate dependant on qualifications and experience. 

An expected remuneration should be stated in the application.



A contract with a three-month probationary period will be offered to the successful candidate. Length of the contract to be discussed.   

Performance appraisals, against mutually agreed performance objectives will be a regular part of employment.


Hours of Work            

The position is contracted and full time. The nature of the work requires flexibility during busy periods.


Required Format for Applications            

  1. An email application or letter applying for the job;
  2. A statement addressing each Selection Criteria (a, b and c above) giving examples from your employment background and life experiences;
  3. A brief CV / resume of no more than four pages.

At the time of application, you are required to indicate your current remuneration level and your expectations in terms salary.


Time Frames              

  • Applications close Friday 14 December 2018.