EURO 2020 Guest Services Coordinator

Location Nyon, Switzerland
Posted 03/10/2018
Closes 31/10/2018
Sector Federations & LOCs
Function Events & Operations
Contract Type Contract
Hours Full Time
Salary Competitive

Job Description

Job information:

Division / Unit: Operations / Events & Finals
Contract type: Fixed Term
Start date: 07.01.2019
End date: 31.08.2019
Location: Nyon


In 2020, the UEFA EURO will celebrate its 60th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the tournament will be played across 12 different European cities - bringing the EURO closer to the fans and celebrating the best of European football and culture. To make this all possible, we need fantastic, dedicated people in every area.

The EURO 2020 Guest Services Coordinator is responsible for setting up and coordinating guest service operations in the host cities and, in particular, at the main UEFA hotels. The coordinator will work with key counterparts to plan and coordinate guest service operations at official airports and railway stations to ensure the delivery of a seamless, high-quality guest experience.


- Developing hotel operational plans for guest management areas;
- Ensuring that all guest management areas apply the correct level of service for target groups;
- Liaising with the UEFA accommodation and event transport teams to ensure guest management requirements are met at hotels, airports and railway stations;
- Liaising with stakeholders to develop key on-site procedures and communication lines at hotels, railway stations, airports and venues;
- Supporting the development of relevant documentation, presentations, and dot plans for airports, railway stations and hotels, in coordination with key stakeholders;
- Producing welcome desk binders for all tournament hotels;
- Ensuring that all relevant guest information is collected for the welcome desk screens at hotels and airports;
- Planning all training of on-site staff and welcome service volunteers based at each tournament hotel;
- Producing training documents for welcome service volunteers based at official airports and hotels;
- Producing training documents for the guest services managers in each host city;
- Developing matchday ticket distribution plans in cooperation with the VIP administration team and Guest Services Operations Manager;
- Liaising with key stakeholders to develop consistent communication flow and booking processes for charter flights and private jets;
- Liaising with other stakeholders and team members to coordinate all information required for the UEFA EURO 2020 VIP information guide;
- Managing implementation of the guest communication strategy (what is shared when, with whom and how);
- Producing regular reports on guest services planning;
- Liaising with the Guest Services Assistant on all logistical requirements;
- Defining the best usage of the UEFA guest management database for on-site operations;
- Developing detail shift plans for on-site positions and volunteers;
- Contributing to the development of table tops and simulations;
- Working on other events as required.

Event-time responsibilities
- Ensuring that all guest service operations run smoothly at tournament hotels;
- Supporting guest service operations at the main UEFA hotel in London for the EURO 2020 semi-finals and final if necessary;
- Troubleshooting any guest management issues which may arise in the host cities;
- Overseeing charter flight and private jet movements;
- Coordinating communication/information flows regarding charter flights and private jets;
- Monitoring the level of services offered to UEFA VIP guests;
- Supporting the central coordination of guest management and protocol operations as required.


Experience required:
- from 1 to 3 years / in guest management or operations, or in large-scale guest servicing operations in the hotel management, travel or customer services industries
- less than 1 year / working with guest management systems such as CRM
- less than 1 year / in team leadership, supervision and training

- Bachelor's in hospitality/event management
- Other customer service training

- English / Proficient

Additional requirements:
- CRM / Intermediate
- MS Excel / Intermediate
- MS PowerPoint / Advanced
- MS Word / Advanced
- Project Management / Intermediate
- Excellent attention to detail
- Excellent communication skills
- Service-oriented
- Very good organisational skills
- Proactive
- Team player
- Comfortable adapting to new ICT tools
- Able to conceptualise the guest experience
- Knowledge of any other European language in addition to English would be an asset


The Union of European Football Associations is the administrative body for association football in Europe.

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