Director - Marketing Communications

London, UK
24 May 2017
22 Jun 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

We have a hugely exciting opportunity for the right person to join the ICC CWC 2019 team as Director – Marketing and Communications. The overarching objective of this role is to lead the development and implementation of the ICC CWC 2019 marketing and communications portfolios (there are some commercial elements involved). You will work with the ICC, ECB and your team to maintain and build the ICC CWC 2019 brand and profile through all relevant marketing and communications channels; proactive PR and corporate communications activity, the scoping and delivery of effective customer marketing campaign/s and a programme of internal and external communications activity, to name a few. This is a once in a generation opportunity, and the ICC CWC is aiming to engage new audiences, building on the success of previous ICC events in the UK and abroad and the iconic ICC CWC is the vehicle that will drive this engagement.

An additional element of this role will be the Public Policy and Government relations. This is an extremely important portfolio and the success of the ICC CWC will require an exceptionally good understanding of the support that is required from government.

Your commercial responsibility will be mainly focused on ticketing and publications, you will be required to manage teams responsible in these areas and to push revenue streams.

We are looking for an individual with proven experience in a leadership role preferably, within an international sporting event, who has significant MarComms experience and is confident in building relationships with key stakeholders to ensure we deliver a truly remarkable ICC CWC 2019.


Displaying significant strategic, organisational and leadership abilities, you will lead and manage the performance of the MarComms team in each of the following areas (note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Brand Management
  • Digital/Social Media
  • CRM
  • Trophy Tour
  • Ticketing
  • Communications (int/ext)
  • CSR
  • Public Policy & Government Relations
  • ECB Engagement
  • Publications

At all times, the successful candidate will be required to foster strong, collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, whist promoting the values and vision of the ICC CWC 2019. 


Specific duties will vary but will include:

  • Build a strong team to support the ICC CWC 2019 strategy
  • Supporting an established marketing team with their strategy and milestones over the next 2 years
  • Oversee the ticketing team and driving ticket sales with the goal of selling out all matches in the tournament calendar
  • Plan, manage and oversee the marketing and communications targets and milestones
  • Working with other department heads and senior management to get the best performance from staff by organising appropriate training and ensuring employees feel motivated.

As a senior member of the LOC Executive team, you will have the drive and leadership skills to inspire your colleagues as well as internal and external stakeholders to deliver the best Cricket World Cup the world has ever seen.


Expertise and skills

This role requires significant experience in the delivery of a MarComms strategy which has a clear end goal. The role holder will have:

  • 10 plus years’ experience in key MarComms leaderships roles.
  • Experience working and delivering a MarComms strategy for an international Sporting event is preferable.
  • Significant experience of leading a number of teams is essential

Key skills are:

  1. Leadership: all-inclusive leadership
  2. Communication: ensuring ongoing and effective communication between departments
  3. Relationship Management: the ability to manage complex and strategic stakeholder relationships both internal and external
  4. Presentation: presenting ideas and results to stakeholders across the business, including staff and senior management
  5. Team working: fostering an environment of teamwork to ensure that delivery is achieved on time and tournament goals are met
  6. Initiative: the ability to work alone or take a lead when hurdles arise or when tasks require completion
  7. Planning: staying ahead of the game and ensuring that plans are clearly defined
  8. Problem solving: adapting to an ever-changing environment and reacting quickly to challenges
  9. IT: keeping up-to-date with IT systems and understanding emerging technologies

Additional information

Reporting to the Managing Director, you will sit on the Executive team of the LOC. The successful candidate will lead a delivery team and take full responsibility for the delivery of the MarComms strategy ICC CWC 2019, in line with the tournament strategy.

Given the complex nature of this role, the successful candidate must be a strategic and tactical decision-maker. Challenges and questions presented by team members reporting into this role may be complex, and are likely to be time-bound, requiring rapid but considered decision-making. The successful candidate will need to ensure absolute confidence in the operations team to make these decisions. The impact of this role will be far-reaching and decisions made will have a significant effect on the ability of the team to achieve its objectives. 

The candidate will interact with key stakeholders at venues across England and Wales to oversee all Marketing, communications and commercial matters. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing those key relationships, which will require complex and strategic negotiations at all times. Significant experience in high level stakeholder management is therefore essential.