Aspire Logistics


About Us
Aspire LOGISTICS was established by Emiri Decree number 1 for the year 2008 as the strategic business unit of Aspire Zone Foundation responsible for supporting the activities of Aspire Zone by;

Building, operating and managing high quality international standard sport facilities
Providing support for staging of sport events and activities
Providing shared services support for the precinct’s business partners – ASPIRE Academy and ASPETAR

Aspire LOGISTICS is comprised of three Directorates: Venues, Operations and Technical and Corporate Services.

1 - Vision and Mission

Aspire LOGISTICS Vision and Mission were developed in alignment with Aspire Zone Foundation’s corporate vision, mission and values.

1) Vision: To Build and Manage State of Art Sports Facilities & Events.

2) Mission : To be an International Leader in Sports Events & Facilities Management

3) Values: Accountability: We are accountable for using and developing our individual and collective capabilities to achieve outstanding results both for the individual and for the community.

Synergy &Teamwork: We work together collaboratively to achieve our Strategy in a spirit of cooperation and support, valuing each other’s skills and contributions.

Professionalism: We fulfill our responsibilities to be leaders in our professional discipline through the application of best practices in a scientific, caring and committed way

Integrity: We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards, and fairness. Never take advantage of a privileged position for personal gain

Respect: We honor sensitively the values, rights and needs of others and embrace the diversity provided by each individual, irrespective of culture, orientation, race, class or gender.

Excellence: We constantly do research, create and develop new solutions and deliver outstanding results in front of our customers, partners and the society.

2 - Philosophy

Aspire LOGISTICS established itself in the market as a renowned service provider. To reach clients from various sectors, it meets their needs with a commercial approach.

As a highly-estimated company, its practices are visible and practical. It provides them with long-term benefits. It promotes public and sports economy with internal clients. It provides the services in accordance with the requirements of each sector.

As well, it has added value for the public, and its philosophy is based on revenues and marketing in order to provide logistics services.

3 - Aspire LOGISTICS Management

1. Abdulaziz Al Mahmoud - General Director
2. Haitham Ahmed - Deputy Managing Director - Operation
3. Philip John Templar - Deputy Managing Director - Venues

4 - Projects

1. The TORCH - Doha

The Torch Doha is one of the major components of Aspire Zone and planned to open as a Luxury Boutique Hotel when operational. This 300 meters iconic structure now stands as the tallest building in Qatar. Clad in combination of glazing panels and architectural stainless steel mesh, which will be accentuated by state of the art facade lighting. The mixed use tower features a 63m high atrium ,has a VIP lounge, ballroom and conference center on the lower level.

Above these is a luxury hotel accommodation, which is accessed by panoramic elevators. The central spine of the tower provides access to the hotel suites, a health club with cantilevered pool area, a self-contained presidential suite, a revolving restaurant, and viewing deck. Situated beneath the games flame candelabra that is encircled by a protective lattice structure. Continuing upwards at the top level at 215 m will be a revolving restaurant, which will be one of the highest in the world.

2. Grand Heritage Doha Hotel & Spa

Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is an ambitious Victorian influenced 138 room five star hotel centrally located within the Aspire Zone precinct. It features a gymnasium, swimming pool, leisure garden, business centre, conference rooms and retail outlets.

3. Asian Games Cauldron

The Cauldron is a five [5] axis machine designed to reflect a gyroscope consisting of four [4] rings, the Bronze sun and the lid all fixed to a stainless steel base approximately 10metres from the finished floor plaza level. The outer ring diameter is approximately 17metres and the apex of the Cauldron fixed structure is approximately 30metres above finished floor plaza Level. When lit, the giant copper and bronze ‘Sun’ rose will burst into a large flame and turn into a Cauldron surrounded by the rings of the Astrolabe and the Atom. Weighing more than 70tonnes, this breath-taking piece of art and engineering can continuously burn, and rotate, for 15 days at any one time.