Buro Happold

From our very first project we have used our intricate knowledge of the industry to push the boundaries and achieve more. It is this commitment that sets us apart, that adds value, that makes us award winning. We apply the same level of complex thought and specialist expertise to every project we work on.

Our people define what we do. We invest in them in the same way that they invest in us; by providing opportunities to learn, to research, to develop. Our way of design is to draw on every talent, to consider every approach, to strive to progress; but to always use our proven methodologies to get results.

After 35 years in the industry we have never lost our desire to be challenged, our passion for creativity and our sense of adventure. We know that building a place with a future involves creating strong communities that enable economies to thrive, engaging with society’s big issues and enriching people’s lives.

Our expert teams of engineers and consultants know how to get the best out of the world’s precious land and resources to provide for a growing population. We are leading the way in shaping a new future.