Active Communities Network

United Kingdom

About Active Communities Network

Active Communities Network is a registered charity with headquarters in London and regional offices in Manchester, Belfast and Cape Town.

A youth and community development charity, our mission is to tackle poverty and social deprivation at the heart of neighbourhoods in the UK, Ireland and on the international stage.

By delivering grassroots projects, primarily through the mediums of sport and cultural activity, with highly trained and multi-skilled staff, our vision of engaging, supporting, mentoring and progressing young people into education, training and employment is realised.

Through this approach we also impact on the wider community by promoting a greater sense of citizenship, cohesion and inclusion through social action projects, youth volunteering and cross community events.

Active Communities Network was established in 2007 in response to the short term funding, ‘parachuting in’ of organisations, negative messaging and competition for scarce resources that blighted the community development, and sport for development, sectors at the time.

The charity was initiated through the coming together of a number of local projects and frontline workers, initially in south London, pooling resources and expertise and with a desire to deliver a new approach to youth and community development.

We have since broadened our reach and approach to deliver projects under our own management including national programmes and provide training whilst delivering strategic support to other agencies and initiatives across a number of geographic regions globally.

Partnerships are at the heart of our approach and we work with like-minded funders, strategic partners and delivery agencies to ensure maximum returns for the young people and communities we support whilst avoiding duplication of services and resources.

Our established network of partners means we can deliver national and international programmes via locally appropriate providers without the need for a large and cumbersome organisational structure, retaining our flexible and responsive approach to local issues.

This commitment to partnership is further underlined by our commitment to action research and identifying best practice, publishing independent research to support the wider sector(s), developing workforce development and accreditation pathways for young people, volunteers and staff, and supporting agencies around the world to replicate our approach within their own communities.

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