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European Club Association.

The European Club Association is the sole, independent body representing football clubs at European level, and the most important stakeholder for clubs at the supranational level. ECA counts 230 member clubs in 2017/18 and its main aim is to safeguard and promote the interests of European clubs vis-à-vis other stakeholders such as FIFA, UEFA and the European Union. The ECA equally acts as a platform for clubs for the exchange of expertise and information, with its executive board being composed of club representatives. Among other activities, the ECA contributes to putting forward and defending clubs’ ideas, suggestions and opinions in different matters – finance, marketing and communication, institutional relations, competitions and youth – through its thematic working groups. The propositions are conveyed to the executive board and subsequently defended at the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC). The ECA is bound to both UEFA and FIFA with distinct Memorandums. Additionally, club representatives sit, under their ECA role, in various EU, FIFA and UEFA committees such as the above mentioned UEFA PFSC, or the FIFA Football Committee as well as the EU Social Dialogue Committee. Clubs and the ECA are, therefore, very closely linked with the ECA being at international level the most relevant and significant stakeholder for clubs protecting their interests and defending their position towards other actors. Moreover, ECA launched in 2016 the Club Management Programme.

ECA Club Management Programme:

The ECA Club Management Programme, #ECACMP, is an executive programme specifically designed for top club professionals. The programme is about management in the world of club football, aiming to strengthen the knowledge of football club executives. The #ECACMP is the first ever programme tailor-made for clubs, delivered by clubs directly inspired by the ECA Club Management Guide which contains a significant number of real-life examples of successful club management across all operational areas. Those who take part in this programme, made exclusively for clubs and by clubs, will gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of club football management and learn from the best specialists in the field.

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