Alberta Alpine Ski Association

About Alberta Alpine Ski Association

Alberta Alpine offers a variety of programs beginning with entry level programs for children between 4 -11 years of age, kinder level programs for those between the ages of 12- 15 , junior level programs for 16 – 20 year olds and masters events for those aged 20 and over.

Programs are designed and supported by Alpine Canada Alpin’s Athlete Integration Model (AIM 2 WIN). Based on the principles of growth, development and maturation, the AIM 2 WIN document outlines seven phases an athlete may experience in the sport of alpine racing. These phases are identifi ed as: Gliding Start, Skier Essentials, Learn to Train, Learn to Race, Train to Race, Train to Win, Skiing For Life. AIM 2 is a tool that assists coaches, parents and volunteers in providing the best environment for our athletes.

Skiing and ski racing offer the rare combination of developing a lifelong sport with continual personal challenges and growth opportunities in an environment that thrives on friendship and family involvement.

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