Threshold Sports

United Kingdom

About Threshold Sports

A young, ambitious sports marketing agency started by 3 old friends, Charlie Beauchamp, Julian Mack and James Cracknell. You’ll check the website and it will tell you that it started round the kitchen table with 3 old friends and evolved into having household clients such as BP, Standard Life, Nokia, Atos Origin and SiS. Our mantra is ‘More Is In You’. It’s intended to be supportively provocative. We believe by pushing yourself you will get more from life and feel better for it. We’re not all James Cracknell but we can all feel the post exercise glow. We’re blessed with highly motivated people and get a buzz from creating innovative events like our very own Deloitte Ride Across Britain and London Revolution. In terms of consultancy, we plan event or sponsorship strategies, find appropriate properties, make the most of what clients have bought, and make sure it makes a real difference.

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