Surrey Sports Park (University of Surrey)

United Kingdom

About Surrey Sports Park (University of Surrey)

The UK is on the verge of its most exciting decade of sport ever. The next 10 years will see the world's premier sporting events reach our shores. Surrey Sports Park will take its part in building a national legacy.

Our University of Surrey owned multi million pound facility offers a venue that will host some of the best facilities in the world, attracting its own international and national events that will bring world class athletes to Surrey.


Surrey Sports Park has a very clear and exciting vision: Surrey Sports Park is one of Europe’s premier sites for elite sport, physical activity, well-being and leisure. The values of performance, participation and personal development underpin the very heart of the complex. Bringing together high quality facilities and passionate people with a desire to achieve, Surrey Sports Park provides a venue that supports the ambitions of all users, regardless of ability, from world class athletes to grassroots beginners. Students and staff of the University of Surrey, independent teams and individuals, of all ages will have the opportunity to excel in a place that inspires active discovery and development of sporting and creative talent.

Our aims include attracting professional bodies to use Surrey Sports Park as an elite training venue, and becoming Europe's premier training facility. Surrey Sports Park provides opportunities for all, regardless of ability and will offer unrivalled provision for disability sport in order for everyone to be able to use and benefit from the facilities available.

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