The Rugby Football League (RFL)

United Kingdom

About The Rugby Football League (RFL)

At the RFL we look for people with Passion, Drive, Energy and Commitment - we look for those things that differentiate people.

We are seeking:


  • We are passionate about our sport and look for people with a passion to achieve, get things done, work with others and have the personal skills, values and attributes to allow them to succeed.

Honesty and Integrity

  • The RFL is committed to the highest standards of quality, openness and accountability. We believe is demonstrating honesty and integrity in our working lives, to protect the interests of the RFL and individuals.


  • We recruit many experienced professionals and assist individuals who wish to develop careers. We look for people who can demonstrate continuous professional development, appropriate qualifications or experience.

The RFL recognises that skill, effort, vision and commitment are all essential to create innovative and effective services to support the development, performance, market share, growth, accessibility of the sport and meet the needs of our stakeholders. 

At the RFL we aim to offer our employees good career prospects backed by excellent company benefits, a competitive salary and a great place to work.
The RFL is committed to the principles of equal opportunities and to ensuring that the culture, philosophy and processes within the organisation and the Game are free from bias and discrimination. We recognise the importance of diversity, understanding the value of individual ways of working and how they can achieve outstanding results, we offer our people the opportunity to grow and develop, both professionally and personally,

The RFL has confirmed that it will be relocating to the Etihad Campus in East Manchester by 2021 which is the year that England is also set to host the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup in history so this is an exciting time to be involved in the sport.      

If you feel you have the talent and capability to contribute to the RFL we would be pleased to hear from you.

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