Why sports participation will boom in years to come


SportsEvents Magazine recently published an interesting article highlighting five reasons why sports participation is set to boom for years to come. The article contained some worthwhile insights into the US sports event markets.

The large and growing number of great case studies – the 2014 Copenhagen Half-Marathon being a fine example – that mass participation events are the up-and-coming new trend in the sports events industry.

Five reasons for this development as highlighted in the article are:

5. Supply. Not only are there more well-run sports events than ever, the opportunities for participating in new, emerging sports and unique, exciting events for traditional sports is creating more participation than ever. A great example of this can be seen in one of our recent articles about Chrissie Wellington MBE and four time Ironman Triathlon World Champion as she talks about her role as head of participation at Parkrun.

4. Capacity. SportsEvents Magazine estimates there will be an 18% expansion in the number of sports venues in the United States available during 2014-2015 alone, with even more on the horizon.

3. Population trends. There are more and more sports-aged people in the world, increasing the demand from a young and dynamic audience.

2. Health & Fitness. In the US, seven out of ten parents believe their kids need more physical activity, and it isn’t coming at school nor in their neighbourhood. Sports participation is the answer for kids as well as parents.

1. Culture. Millennials are becoming America’s largest generation. And they’re players, not spectators. You are much less likely to find them or their kids at the gym. They are competing on the courts, fields and tracks around them.

This article was originally published by our partner TSE Consulting. Click here to read the article in full.

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