Where the football stars get their boots pimped

This week in GlobalSportsJobs' BRAZIL 3-SIXTYº series with adidas Group Blog, we meet John Froehlich, part of the adidas Athlete Services Team. John gives us a sneak peak into the adidas athlete services lab which is usually completely closed to the public! 

John then talks us through the importance of tailoring a football boot to a players' foot, especially if they have medical or anatomical issues. 


GlobalSportsJobs caught up with John and asked: 'How extensive is the product testing? Are the boots tested against every footballer in the clubs where these tests are performed?'

"“Player testing is obviously a very important and key part of our overall product development process to make sure create the best possible products out in the market. We are working with a selected test pool of adidas contracted players who are without anatomical anomalies."


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