Turn your passion for football into a job


The Football Association and the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation joined together to highlight how women can turn their love of football into a career. Two decades of development have seen the growth in female coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientists, lawyers, accountants, club secretaries and chief executives – roles from across the football industry. Here, leading figures in the game make a call for the next generation of talented women to make a difference.

The growth of the women’s game in this country has been boosted by the introduction of the FA WSL and the television coverage it has attracted. On top of this Hope Powell’s dream of elite players being paid in the UK is coming true.

What is emerging is a game that is very different to its male counterpart, and it is proving attractive to viewers and players across the country. Kathryn Hall, development officer for Northamptonshire FA, says: “Things are going in the right direction with women’s football but we need more support. We need to be telling a lot more people.”

And Jessica Creighton, a BBC journalist, adds: “British society does not value female sports stars as much as it values the men. But times are changing….If I was a 15-year-old now, I might have told myself to take the plunge and go for it.”

But Pippa Bennett, former England team doctor, wants more. “Football in this country is changing but not fast enough. There are still people in football who see you only as a woman and not a player or professional.”

So while the women’s game is growing at all levels, and the work of coaches, development officers and administrators is taking the game to new heights, it is clear that the next generation of enthusiastic, talented and dedicated people will be needed to keep pushing and pulling the women’s game up to its rightful place in this country and internationally.

You may have your future mapped, you may be considering several options or you may not have a clue. But you know you love football, but how can you turn that into a career? For anyone interested in working in sport, it is important that you are aware of the breadth of options now available.

You can read the article above – The Future – and the full report here.

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