Tips and tricks for video applications and Skype interviews


With an increased number of vacancies being advertised on requiring both creative and digitally-native candidates, it is becoming more commonplace for our clients to add a video layer to their recruitment process. This is usually in the form of either a request for candidates to include a video presentation with their application or more frequently the first and occasionally second rounds of interview taking place over Skype.

One such example was the recent “Ultimate Sport & Entertainment Apprenticeship” advertised by GlobalSportsJobs client GMR Marketing, who asked potential candidates to submit a 90-second video explaining why they are the most suitable person for the role. GlobalSportsJobs CEO Will Lloyd was invited to speak on the SportBusiness International podcast to give his insight on the skills required to make the most of the video format. Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

Here’s his top five tips on how to best leverage video:

  • Set the scene by filming in a well-lit and quiet environment with a suitable backdrop.
  • Dress appropriately and express composure and confidence to convey your professionalism.
  • Prepare and have a think about what you’d like to say before you begin.
  • Showcase your good attitude, personality and individuality.
  • Finally and most importantly, be eloquent and engaging, while demonstrating the value you can add to the organisation.

For further tips to support your applications and progress through the interview process, please click here to visit the GlobalSportsJobs ‘Inside Track’ content hub.

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