Three assets every sport leader should possess


This article by TSE Consulting is designed to help sports leaders from around the world and across different sports establish what they can do to take themselves and their organisations to the next level.

In an industry that is constantly changing, the best sport managers need to keep up to date with the latest trends and learn new skills, no matter what their level of experience is. However, there are never enough resources at the disposal of sport leaders!

Here we are able to look at – or put up to speed – the three assets that every national or international sport manager should possess in 2016:

1.       The skills

Although it may seem obvious, any sport leader should possess the appropriate skills to successfully run its organisation. In the recent years, real revolutions have occurred in the sports world: sport organisations and athletes have never been closer to their fans, which completely changes the way they communicate and interact; with the recent economic recession that has affected many governments around the world, public funding for sport has considerably diminished and sport leaders now need to find new sources of revenues; international sport organisations have recently been on the hot seat, with crisis affecting top leaders of powerful federations – there is, therefore, a need for more influential leaders.

Aspiring sports leaders are encouraged to develop their skills and get useful and practical tools from world renowned experts in the areas of Revenues, Promotion and Influence. It is essential that today’s sport leaders are the most up to date in these sectors in order to successfully manage their organisations.

2.       The network

In this globalisation era, sport leaders have the opportunity to liaise with their peers from around the world on a daily basis. Managers can get inspiration from their peers, create business links with potential partners and develop their skills with the help of others. This is the main purpose of building a network.

3.       The feel for the Olympic Capital

As the Olympic Capital, Lausanne is a truly special place that every sport leader should visit during his/her career. Being the host to more than 50 international sport organisations, this city is the Home of international sport. Being at the heart of the Olympic Capital gives national sport leaders the ability to understand the dynamics of the international sport world.

Skills, network and the home of international sport: 3 strong assets that every sport leader should possess.

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