The World Archery Championships. Where and Why?

The World Archery Federation is currently in discussions with multiple cities over the location of the next three World Archery Championships.  After an exciting World Cup Final in the beautiful setting of the Trocadero fountains in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the view is to host each Championship in an iconic location that emphasises the beauty and appeal of the host city. 

Given that the World Archery Championships can be hosted almost anywhere, it is one of the most flexible elite events in the world and offers the host city a chance to broadcast some of their most striking locations at a much lower cost than any other advertising campaign or multi-million dollar event.  

To find out more about this exciting time for Archery and the benefits the sport can bring to the host city, visit to read their article ‘Three questions to Tom Dielen, General Secretary, World Archery’.

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