A New Year, New Career Goals


The start of a new year is a great time to focus on strategies to help you achieve your goals for the year ahead. Here are 10 proven strategies to strengthen your commitment to your goals by focusing on your motivation to achieving personal and career success in 2018.  

Try these 10 tips to strengthen your motivation:

1. Have a ‘high definition’ vision of what you want to achieve – clarity of what success will look like helps you to say NO to distractions.

2. Break down your goal into short-term targets, HUGE challenges create paralysis but small steps create momentum.

3. Look back at how far you have come, take a moment to see your progress to this point.

4. Create your own dream team by surround yourself with positive, driven and helpful people who will support and challenge you to get to your goals. Don’t be shy, they will enjoy helping you but don’t just pick mates who will support your excuses.

5. Think abundance, if you believe opportunities are scarce, you will become desperate and selfish which will isolate you and won’t deliver your goals.

6. Get some perspective - there will always be people in a worse situation, it’s how you move forward that counts. You always learn most about people in adversity.

7. Remember WHY you started…… reconnect to your purpose whether it’s entertaining a crowd, helping others or providing for your family.

8. Don’t be afraid of failing, making mistakes is part of learning, just fail small, fail fast and fail towards your goal.

9. Focus on maximising your strengths, they energise you and will deliver huge returns.

10. Speak to yourself like a friend rather than having a destructive bully in your head telling you that you can’t do it - that voice is trying to keep you safe - and safe means no fun!

Reading blogs and articles is great for inspiration but you will only feel satisfied when you start to take action…

What WILL you do NOW to start to create the momentum you need?

This article was originally published by our partners Sporting Edge. To read the original article click here.

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