Sports gear: the chemistry must be right


Chemicals. Few words have such negative connotations. Headlines about chemical accidents, allergies, toxic waste and food scandals shape the way many of us perceive chemicals.

On the other hand, we have many reasons to be grateful for chemistry. Every day, we are constantly surrounded by it. And we need it. We use chemistry for cooking and washing and to cure diseases, and we put chemicals on our skin.

We also often use them in sport. Chemistry makes it possible to develop high-performance sports products. For example products that make us faster because they are extremely lightweight. Or products that keep us warm or cool and dry while we perform – depending on the sport and weather conditions.

But do we really need chemicals? What are the requirements for high-performance products? Isn't it possible to manufacture those without using any chemicals? And how can we distinguish between good and bad chemicals?

In the following interview with Petra Thaller, journalist and publisher of Mountains4U’, two experts go into the details of chemical management. They discuss what is already possible in the development of functional sports products, where the challenges lie and how the adidas Group promotes sustainable chemistry. And they also provide insight into what the future holds.

This extract was taken from adidas Group’s online magazine and can be viewed in full here.

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