Refreshed and ready to go again


A very long holiday hiatus at my end - my first post in just about two months! So much for a sense of consistency, yet I don’t reckon the reader would very much enjoy my vague holiday-mood musings. Last term ended on a very satisfactory note. Top five of the Marketing module, distinction worthy notes on both assignments. Word limit duly acknowledged on the first piece of coursework - and duly ignored on the second. I am yet to forward my final marketing findings to the football club who was so incredibly helpful throughout the last and arguably more important assignment, but somehow seem to get stuck on some final amends - yes, even after I have actually turned in the assignment and been marked on it. The OCD kicks in sometimes. It’s the thing with deadlines - if you are time-bound you know you have to turn something in, even if it is not to your complete satisfaction, whereas loose deadlines - or no deadlines in this case - will make you reach for the stars.

Almost absurd to think in just over a month’s time I will be back in class for the start of my second year. Sport Policy, Law and Governance are all on the cards, and while this may have a somewhat dismal ring to some, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the latter in particular was one of the modules I have been most been looking forward to. Granted the majority of lecturers lack a certain sense of elation about them, nonetheless I am always the believer; either that or I have simply been away from Uni for too long that I have either forgotten or am able to ignore issues I would otherwise be critical about.

I do miss it. Even if my days and weeks are considerably less busy (crazy?) without classes and assignments, I miss being in class, researching and reading up for assignments - perhaps a bit less for exams - and evenings spent in the pub after lectures. Full-time students of the 2013/14 academic year are gearing up for their dissertation deadline with some having to resit exams over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile I’m supposed to submit my research topic mid-autumn term.

The big one. I am no closer to figuring this out than I was a couple of months ago. Difficult when some of the subjects I am most looking forward to are still in the future tense, or when I have no real way of knowing the validity of researching the one topic that interests me regardless of context. Right now it’s a fine line between choosing a topic that the University is interested in researching, a topic that will potentially help my professional development (‘potentially’ being the operative word), and a topic that interests me and is, to some extent, my specialty only in this case applied to the business of football. No easy feat. Although I suppose it could be worse - i.e. having no idea on what to write about - in 12,000 words. Insane that a dissertation can be contained (constrained?) within 12,000 words when I wrote about 20,000 for my Undergrad dissertation. The toughest undertaking yet? Unequivocally.

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