Procrastination: the thief of time

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'You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.' - Abraham Lincoln

The festive holidays are arguably one of the best times to give your job search a boost. Many people mistakenly assume companies are not particularly interested in potential new hires until the New Year, and with plenty of people putting their search on hold here are five reasons not to give up your job search during the holidays. 

1. The demand for new staff
Many businesses aim to release new products and promotions early in the New Year. Therefore they will require specialist expertise to help set up these new projects beforehand. For some businesses in particular the holidays are especially busy due to a vast amount of transactions being made and deals often negotiated. Acquisition, sales and technology expertise, for instance, are likely to be to be in very high demand ahead of the New Year.

2. Companies evaluate their needs
With end-of-year budgets being produced and forecasts being completed, companies often evaluate their staffing structure. Hiring cycles generally take weeks if not months to be completed, so it is worth remembering a company who has received approval to employ new staff in January with likely start their hiring cycle a month in advance.

3. Less competition 
With significantly less people applying for jobs and less resumes clogging employers’ inboxes it makes it easier to stand out as a candidate and therefore be shortlisted for job openings. With the holidays being a quieter period for businesses it can often be worthwhile contacting companies using a simple email explaining what you can offer them.

4. Spare time
The holidays are a great time to brush up your resume and online profile and start planning. During the rest of the year people seldom have time to accomplish everything they set out to do every year / month / week. So don’t procrastinate – don’t underestimate the value of having spare time to power through your job search and overall career planning. Luck favours the prepared.

5. Perfect time to network 
The festive holidays are a time of year to bring everyone together, so what better time to start networking. An easy way to do this is to send simple messages to former colleagues asking if they want to meet for a catch up. This is a great way to discuss your industry and line up new prospects. Try to also attend seminars to find out in more detail what is happening in your industry and create new contacts. 

In short, use the holidays as a tool to get ahead of your competition, stay top-of-mind of employers, and further develop your career. As Charles Dickens once said – ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’.


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