Once in a lifetime opportunity for a 9-week summer placement in the USA


Have you ever wanted to go away for the summer in search of a new, exciting opportunity? Well now you can. Camp America are looking for Sports Coaches & Players to spend 9 weeks working on a summer camp in the USA.

What they provide

Since 1969, Camp America has sent over 200,000 young people to work on camps spread all throughout the USA. Summer camp in America is a massive tradition and they believe there is nothing more culturally unique. It’s estimated there are 12,000 camps spread all over the country and each summer some 11 million children and adults will attend camp.

They are the biggest and best summer camp provider

Every summer Camp America send roughly 7,000+ young people to work at camp, in all 50 states of the USA. They are the best and most experienced company in “summer camps”, and send far more young people to camp than any other summer camp provider in the world.

The real deal

With Camp America, everything you need to get to the USA is taken care of – and you won’t have to worry about the logistics of getting to camp. Their package is the best in the business and includes:

·         Return flights to New York with a meet & greet in the US

·         1-night stay in their arrivals hotel & transport assistance to camp

·         Whilst at camp, all your food & accommodation is provided

·         Medical support for your entire stay

·         A J-1 visa (sponsored by Camp America & needed to work in the USA): unlike many other summer camp providers, they’re designated visa sponsors by the State Department of the USA.

It’s great on your CV

In a time where it’s increasingly difficult for young people to find jobs after college and university, having the phrase Camp America in the Experience section of your CV is going to really boost your employment prospects. The reason for this is that summer camp is going to provide you with what academics call “employability skill”s – and these include leadership, teamwork, organisation and problem solving.

The open road…

After-camp travel is one of the most fun parts of the programme & it’s your time to let loose, kick-back, step-up, have fun and live life, and there’s nowhere better to do all of that than in the USA. Visit the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, Las Vegas or the Hollywood Hills… the choice is yours! As a Camp America participant you will have up to 30 days after camp to see all the amazing sites that the USA has to offer and receive a 15% discount on unique American road trips with Camp America Treks.

The role & candidate requirements

Camp America are looking for people who are up for a challenge with a wide range of skills and experience to instruct or assist children in all areas of sport. They are basically looking for people who want to spend every day being active, having fun and enjoying everything summer camp has to offer.

·         9 weeks summer work in the USA

·         Instruct and coach an activity

·         Plan a diverse activity programme

·         Work as part of a large team as well as individually

·         Work with a varying age of children

 Taking part is easy. All they require is:

·         A strong playing background

·         Proven experience of coaching

·         Ideally with a coaching qualification (but this is not a necessity)

·         Committed and motivated to deliver coaching in a professional manner

·         Be adaptable and able to think on feet

This truly is an amazing opportunity to spend a summer in the USA working with children doing something fun, exciting and unique. Flights, accommodation and food are all included in your package.

Click here to apply now for the opportunity of lifetime.


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