Oberalp Group Organizes Relief Efforts in Nepal

Following the earthquake in Nepal, GlobalSportsJobs partner the Oberalp Group is organizing a relief operation for people in the earthquake region of Kathmandu. In addition to making an immediate donation of tents and sleeping bags, the company has initiated several efforts to raise funds and provide long-term support for the people of the country.

 Ten days after the earthquake in Nepal, the Oberalp Group is organizing a relief effort on the ground for local people who have lost their homes. At this time, Schorsch Nickaes and Javier Martin de Villa, two co-workers of the brand are on route to Nepal with 21 six-person tents, 150 sleeping bags and mats in toe.

With this donation, the mountain sports group with its brands SALEWA, DYNAFIT, Wild Country and Pomoca will provide dry sleeping places for around 200 villagers. According to local sources, there is urgent need for tents and sleeping bags for emergency protection from the upcoming monsoon rains. The 600 kg worth of equipment is being flown to the capital Kathmandu. Expedition providers and long-term partners are providing logistic support on site. The equipment must be transported to the hinterland by SUV and eventually taken to the village on foot. Local agencies Wild Yack Expeditions and International Trekkers Ltd. as well as partner agencies of the German mountain travel provider Summit Club are handling logistics on site. From Kathmandu Airport, a truck will carry the equipment to a mountain village in the Dhunche region, about 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, where it will be received. Sherpas and guides of the expedition agencies will help with transportation and building of the camp.

Schorsch Nickaes, who has launched this effort and is on his way to Nepal with his colleague Javier Martin de Villa, chalks his motivation up to long-standing bonds with the locals: “We want to give something back from what we’ve received in Nepal over the years.” Having formed friendships with the suffering in Nepal through past expeditions or other mountain-related activities, employees of the mountain sports brand keep close contact with agencies on site.

One purpose of the relief operation is to generate strong support for victims of the earthquake. That is why the Oberalp Group is preparing three additional projects. To read the full article and find out more about the other amazing projects the Oberalp Group is preparing, please CLICK HERE to visit 

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