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A brief history of mySportConnect

For as long as I can remember, video tools in sports was a privilege of the elite. In fact, the only sports you could actually watch on a screen were the ones broadcast on TV. Even within most training facilities, and at the highest level, video has yet to be used to increase performance, boost tactics and improve self-analysis.

Based on that fact, a couple of years ago, we launched a video company, mySportConnect, which aims at providing video solution to sports clubs and sports centres, at both an amateur and professional level. Our video solution enables sports players and trainers to watch and review their performance, live or recorded, on a variety of platforms such as smart phone, tablet or computer.

After completing a first prototype, we were quickly able to install the equipment at various sports clubs to see how sports players would react to the service. We were amazed at the how positive the reaction was; they were finally able to watch themselves practice their passion. Indeed, it was a unique moment for them as they had never had such an experience before. Irrespective of the level at which they performed, they seemed to appreciate being able to see themselves play, something that had not been possible before. To see this reaction is certainly one of the highlights of my career to date. 

Today, mySportConnect captures footage of over 200,000 sports players internationally, who then flood to our platform to witness their performance.

The Sports Industry

The Sports Industry has a lot of potential. Sport unchains inner passion. The drive and desire that surrounds sport never ceases to amaze me. Sport brings people together beyond social issues by giving them a universal language. The industry breathes performance and is always looking for the next step toward higher and farther milestones.

The Sports Industry is also a challenging place to evolve and grow a business. Lots of people want in, hence it is tough to stand out from the crowd. The Sports industry is also an unbalanced environment. Despite the scale of the industry, resources are concentrated among key players. In order to thrive professionally in sports, it is necessary to identify in which area you want to work and develop, otherwise significant achievements may be difficult to come by.

The Sports industry needs talent. It is growing in professionalism and challenging opportunities are out there for people with a strong education and the ability to demonstrate their passion. Unlike other industries, sport does not have any defined route to take. This fact offers the opportunity to tread your own path, build an exciting career and go on an unforgettable journey!

It is important to remember why you want to be in the sports industry - 'I love sport' is not a good enough reason. Gain a knowledge about projects and set yourself goals that you can hone your skills and talent towards, your passion for sport will then help to fuel this adventure. 

By Matthieu Lavergne, Co-founder of mySportConnect

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