My Career Story: Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Sports Council

 LimTekYongMy CV

Current Role: CEO, Singapore Sports Council
Previous Roles:
Brigadier General in the Singapore Armed Forces
Commander, Army Training and Doctrine Command
Education: MSc (Management), Sloan Fellowship Masters Programme, London Business School
Date of Birth: 24th December 1962

GlobalSportsJobs: When was your big break in your career?

Lim Teck Yin: “Selection to higher command in the Singapore Army, leading to the promotion to Brigadier General.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What was the best piece of career advice you ever received?

LTY: “To strive to achieve personal alignment with the organisation’s purpose and values.  Pay attention to learning, seek out a mentor and treat all with the respect they deserve and value the contributions that everyone brings to the table. There is nothing that we can achieve by ourselves.

GlobalSportsJobs: What was the biggest challenge or your most difficult decision of your career so far?

LTY: “To enable people to change (grow) or change the people. Whether dealing with senior leadership teams or looking at the potential of different groups of people within the organisation, I have always sought first to help everyone grow and change as the situation demanded, rather than to seek to change out the team. That does not always work out and the difficult decisions always revolve around when to change tack.”

GlobalSportsJobs: Tell us about Singapore Sports Council (SSC), and what the latest news is in terms of your recruitment and expansion plans…

LTY: “The SSC is responsible for sports promotion and steering the development of critical sports infrastructure and capabilities in the sports ecosystem in Singapore. Last July, the SSC, together with our parent Ministry, initiated a master planning effort; Vision 2030, (See to chart the future direction for sports in Singapore. The final report will soon be submitted to the government and SSC will turn its attention to collaborating with our partners in Sporting Singapore to implement the recommendations.”

GlobalSportsJobs: Does the SSC only look to appoint people from Singapore, or is the council looking further afield for some roles?

LTY: “SSC’s staff comprises a myriad of nationalities, including Malaysia, Philippines, China, Canada and USA. We continue to look for people with the best job and organisation fit.”

GlobalSportsJobs: You have been successful in a number of sports earlier in your life.  How important do you believe it is for someone working in the sports industry to actually have a passion for sport?

LTY: “I think it is important to have a passion for people, and a deep appreciation for the power of sport in enriching lives.” 

GlobalSportsJobs: You have experienced life outside the sports industry – in the Army, for example.  Do you believe it is helpful for someone looking for a career in the sports industry to also have experience from outside the sector?

LTY: “The richer the experiences that shape the lenses we use, the better. Many of the challenges and issues that we confront in our work in the sports industry require a multi-disciplinary approach to resolving them. I can therefore appreciate that the senior management team that I have with me in the SSC come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries in the private and public sectors.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What would be your key piece of advice for someone starting out in the sports industry?

LTY: “Appreciate the country context that you find yourself in. The governments of most countries are deeply involved in the development of the sports industry in their respective countries, but the way each organises for success is quite different.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What are your future career aspirations?

LTY: “To remain at the SSC for long enough to anchor the key ideas of Vision 2030 in the institutions and programmes that are built around it.”

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