My Career Story: John Gleasure, Chief Commercial Officer, Perform Group

JohnGleasureMy CV

Current role: Chief Commercial Officer, Perform Group
Previous roles:
Trademarketing Manager at EMI Music
Brand Manager at Sky Sports
Marketing Director at Sportal
Head of Sport at Hutchison Whampoa Limited / 3
Director of Mobile at Sony
Education: Newcastle University
Date of Birth: 12th August 1970

GlobalSportsJobs: When was your big break in your career?

John Gleasure: “Back in 1998 when I was appointed Sky Sports’ Brand manager.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

JG: “Don’t chase the money. Take the jobs you think you’d enjoy most and would be best for your career development.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

JG: “Setting up Inform, which eventually became Perform, in 2005. Setting up a business is a big challenge.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What is the most difficult decision you have ever taken in your career?

JG: “Deciding to start up your own business was a major step. You are losing the comfort of working for someone else. But it was also a very natural thing to do.”

GlobalSportsJobs: You garnered experience with several different companies earlier on in your career. Do you think it is beneficial to work in different places and learn from different people early in your career?

JG: “I think it’s important to get as broad an experience as you can of various business sectors, but equally you have to give each role time to become proficient in that area. Companies evolve very quickly and opportunities are created through growth and restructuring. Some staff expect too much too soon and miss out on these opportunities. You will learn more from being around inspirational people and environments that are conducive to success.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What sort of qualities do you look for in an applicant for a job at Perform?

JG: “Hunger, drive and diligence are all important attributes. Personality is also important. We’re in a relationship business so it is important to be able to develop them. Business intelligence is not determined by your CV; it is from market understanding and being able to deal with situations.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What do you believe is the key ingredient to putting together a successful team of staff members?

JG: “Being in a team is all about collaboration, recognising the strengths and weaknesses and creating a team that bring the different skills together that can drive the business on.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What would be your key piece of advice for someone starting out in the sports industry?

JG: “Love the business of sport. Lots of candidates say they want to work with us because they love sport, but it’s about wanting to understand and be part of the business of sport. You need to understand the marketplace. You might not understand it all at first but ask and over time you gain a better understanding. Throw yourself into it, never feel that something is beneath you, learn from innovators and inspirers and you won’t go wrong.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What are your future career aspirations?

JG: “We’ve had exceptional growth over the last seven years. If someone had said in 2005 that we would be where we are now, we wouldn’t have believed it but in many ways it has seemed very natural growth. We work in a global environment that is constantly evolving so I am constantly learning with it.”

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