My Career Story: Ed Griffin, Group HR Director, Chime Sports Marketing

EdGriffinMy CV

Current role: Group HR Director, Chime Sports Marketing & Director, D3 Partners
Previous roles:
HR & Strategy consultant with D3 Partners
Global change & engagement Lead in Shell Retail
Global Development Manager, Shell Trading
Various roles in Barclays from Financial Accountant to Manager for Organisation Development
Residential Social Worker
MSc in Management Development
BA (Hons) in Psychology & English, specialising in Psychology at work
Date of Birth: 19th April, 1965

GlobalSportsJobs: When was your big break in your career?

Ed Griffin: “Working internationally for Shell - having the chance to work in some very different countries and cultures was a real eye-opener.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What was the best piece of career advice you ever received?

EG: “When I first became a manager my boss told me you have to decide as a manger if you want to be liked or respected. I soon found that it was easier to do a good job if my team respected me!”

GlobalSportsJobs: What was the biggest challenge or your most difficult decision of your career so far?

EG: “Working as a residential social worker with disturbed teenagers – anything after that has been easy by comparison!”

GlobalSportsJobs: You spent many years outside of the sports industry before entering the sector. Do you believe people coming from outside the sports sector have an advantage over those who have only ever worked in sport?

EG: “I think it always helps to have a different outlook, and hopefully a broad perspective on things. However, it’s important to respect what’s already been proven to work. It’s amazing how well connected some people are in the industry and that has an incredible value too.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What is your opinion of the on-the-job experience versus qualifications debate? Is one or the other more important for a candidate in the sports industry nowadays?

EG: “Structured on-the-job experience is hard to beat as it builds confidence and you really get to understand why things need to be done in a particular way. Having said that, if you understand the theory behind something it can help you put a stronger and more confident case of for it.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What are the key traits you look for in a candidate for a job at Chime Sports Marketing?

EG: “Relationship-building skills, delivery-focused, self-motivated, effective team player and good communication skills.”

GlobalSportsJobs: How can someone enhance their chances of landing a job in sports marketing, and particularly at an organisation such as Chime Sports Marketing?

EG: “Being willing to get your hands dirty, having been involved in sport in some way and have had some real work experience when they were a student.”

GlobalSportsJobs: What would be your ideal job?

EG: “Being a crofter on the west coast of Scotland.”

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