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Since it was founded in 1995, mmc sport has grown from a radio agency operating in the German market into an international editorial agency, with a team from over 20 countries that boasts reporters, commentators, speakers, editors, translators, social media experts, and a marketing function.

The company has a prestigious client list, providing its service portfolio to organisations including UEFA, FIFA / HBS, Bayern München, Plazamedia, Sony Entertainment (Polyphony), Samsung, Vodafone and Red Bull Media House.

But what is it like to work at mmc sport? We caught up with their Managing Director Morten Püschel, who offered unique insight into his role, his team, and what he looks for when hiring new staff:


Please tell us about your career and how you came to work at mmc sport

While I studied economics, I worked on the radio, initially with a small broadcaster in Fürstenfeldburck and later with Antenne Bayern. Further commentary, radio and TV presenter jobs followed but after I left LMU in Munich I founded our company mmc sport in 1995. During the course of the last 20 years, my co-partners and I have built the company from just a radio agency into an international translation, subtitling and voiceover company. Just like translation in other lines of work which have been around for a long time, for example law, technology and medicine, we have built a translation company that deals with sport. In terms of globalisation in football, clubs and organisations have become interested in social media in recent years, and this is something we have devoted ourselves to. Now, we work for clients such as UEFA, Bayern Munich, Schalke, the German and Italian FAs and also for Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur, in more than 20 different languages.

What are your key responsibilities as Managing Director and what do you like most about your job?

The best part of my job as Managing Director of mmc sport is definitely the wide variety and range of subjects I deal with. Alongside my training in journalism, I also studied economics, so I am very happy that through my job at mmc sport I can be involved in all these different subjects. I am involved in recruiting new applicants, business development, sales, marketing and also editing projects.

How would you describe a typical ‘day in the office’?

That’s what makes my job so interesting: in a way, there is no typical day for me. I always find myself in different situations and therefore have no strict working hours. Sometimes it can be seven days a week round the clock, but, naturally with a sports company that works worldwide, some projects are worked on at the weekend, leaving me with more free time on other days. It’s not easy for family life, not knowing what I’m doing in the near future, but I still find it fun.

What personal characteristics do you think are especially important for a career in the sports industry?

Having flexibility in all situations is certainly something which helps everyone. You must adjust to all markets, as they will not adjust to you. Furthermore, you must always have aims and make the appropriate arrangements to fulfil them. It’s just like being a competitive athlete. With targeted and deliberated training the athlete will compete well in a competition. It is also important that you have a look at yourself from time to time and try to reflect. You have to be critical of yourself and have a look at your surroundings, which also helps the work environment around you. The answers aren’t always nice, but if you don’t take it personally and learn your lessons, it helps you move forward.

mmc sport is currently advertising a number of roles across the GlobalSportsJobs platforms. What do you expect from potential applicants?

Again, flexibility and also openness are deciding factors in this respect. We work in a team of international journalists and editorial competence a must. A good knowledge of social media is also an advantage. Apart from that, we look at the candidates according to who fits the job description best and who can fulfil the requirements.

What can prospective applicants expect from a career at mmc sport?

We are a young team where everyone is equal. That’s one of the advantages of having very few steps in the hierarchy. The management door is always open for all colleagues. Our projects are all international, so it’s an advantage if applicants know more than just their native language. For example, at the moment we are doing social media projects for Tottenham Hotspur in Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Korean and Spanish. We also do translations for the Borussia Mönchengladbach, Werder Bremen, Hannover 96, Mainz 05, Bayern München, Schalke 04 and TSG Hoffenheim websites in Chinese, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and so on.

The mmc sport team also commentates on over 100 football matches a week, mostly Champions League, national games or games from Europe’s top leagues in 15 different languages. We do lots of very interesting projects in lots of languages and we hope that they can be managed by our competent employees.

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