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Sportradar’s global operation is growing at a tremendous pace, and this is being reflected in the number of vacancies they are advertising to strengthen key areas of their team. We caught up with their Director of Marketing Operations Tobias Brunner, who offered us some unique insight into his role, his marketing team, what to expect from a career at SportRadar and what they look for when hiring new staff:


Please tell us about your career history and how you came to work at Sportradar

As a passionate hockey and football fan, it was soon clear to me that a job in the sports industry was the goal. I did not start my career directly in the sports industry, but came from construction and advertising. I managed accounts for international clients such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems and Adobe Systems – a very diverse range with high responsibility, working closely with the customer each time.

My responsibilities included all the important aspects you would expect from a role in marketing – from the strategic direction to operational campaign planning and implementation, including appropriate performance evaluation. Notably, the compilation and management of project teams that were able to achieve the best possible result for the client played an important role here. It was this wide experience-base that enabled me to set-up a successful marketing team at Sportradar. Hard work, discipline and a bit of luck are certainly also necessary to get the chance to play an active part in such a successful company like Sportradar.

What are your key responsibilities as Director of Marketing Operations and key challenges within the role?

In my role as Director of Marketing Operations, I am responsible for the design and implementation of all our marketing and branding activities, including the management and execution of various marketing initiatives. The global nature of Sportradar’s business undoubtedly throws up the greatest challenges. We need to ensure our mission statements work internationally, restructure communication channels and take into account legal and political influences. This tension between enterprise-wide standardisation and local differentiation requires the highest intercultural management skills.

How would you describe a typical ‘day in the office’?

Currently, I am responsible for a team of over 10 employees in three different offices and we are growing steadily. First of all, this means a special responsibility for subjects and people – coordinating a marketing strategy and specific campaigns on a 24/7 basis across 30 offices worldwide. We put a great deal of attention into our corporate culture: we look to place the best people in our jobs, challenge and promote our employees and stimulate enthusiasm for the company.

As in sports, the team is fundamental. Only when all the cogs in the gearbox mesh can we then collaborate seamlessly as a team. But to answer your original question, we don’t actually have typical working days at Sportradar. The company offers a wide range of challenges for all members of the team. In addition to the daily business, there are always new challenges for which we offer new ideas and solutions. We support the global sales team as well as the product management or the HR department.

What experience has been particularly important for your personal development in the sports industry?

If you want to show what you are really capable of, you need to love what you do and do what you love – in an international environment. In addition to a good education and training, you also need passion for sports-related topics. Having said that, experiences in different industries and positions are very valuable as they give you perspectives from outside the box that you can call on. But an extensive network of important contacts as well as management experience can only be gained gradually. Therefore, I consider all of my professional experiences as important elements of my personal development.

What do you expect from a potential candidate looking to join your marketing team?

As far as I am concerned, potential applicants should be focused on the right company rather than the right position. In my experience, many study job advertisements rather than paying attention to the company profile – but the company profile tells you a lot more about if that particular role will suit you. The ideal candidate should have a passion for marketing, communications and sports and be eager to make Sportradar even more successful as a brand. And he or she should be hungry for the challenges of a fast growing and international acting company. The company started in 2001 and today has grown to include over 1,200 employees spread across 30 offices. That is testament to the ambition of those driving the company and the entrepreneurial thread that runs through the whole company and its people.

Any new starter at Sportradar will need to be able to convey a similar hunger for personal development, business development and innovation. Furthermore, the right candidate should have a university education in Marketing, specifically a few years of B2B Marketing experience, rounded off with communication and organisational skills as well as the ability to thrive independently and as part of a team. To my mind, soft skills are even more important than the hard skills.

What makes Sportradar such a great place to work?

The global scope and the opportunity to combine your passion for sports with marketing makes Sportradar a particularly attractive company to work for. The company addresses different target groups within the sports industry, including media companies, bookmakers, sports federations and state authorities. This results in a wide range of activities, offering a diverse set of challenges and opportunities. Candidates can expect an open corporate culture with flat hierarchies, in which they can find numerous opportunities for personal growth. In addition, each "newcomer" will find an international network of colleagues and the chance to gain experience abroad.

The company offers a broad range of products and services to some of the most important stakeholders in sport, media and betting: from integrity solutions for UEFA to data services for the NFL; from visualisation tools for Google to betting products for bet365. This exciting environment is an absolute win for an individual’s development. In addition to traditional marketing activities, such as product launches and promotional activities, we currently deal with the further optimisation of our brand positioning, the perfect positioning of our partner programs, new ways of online marketing, new media solutions as well as content marketing to provide our target groups with the most engaging content across all relevant touchpoints.


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