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GlobalSportsJobs partner Prozone attended the recent Sport Performance Summit hosted by Leaders in Sport at The Emirates Stadium in London.

Gathering leading practitioners from around the sports industry, the annual summit is designed to be a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing to help shape the future of sport.

Below are some of the lessons and insights Prozone’s representatives took away from their time at the summit:

Building authentic team cultures

One of the major themes of the summit was how sports organisation can build winning cultures. Speakers from a variety of sporting backgrounds agreed that open channels of communication are key and that athletes and staff should be approachable and open to constructive dialogue with colleagues at all levels. For the most successful organisations, the ability to give leaders freedom to be themselves and help others to understand the organisation’s core principles is key.

Recruiting for character

Another theme closely related to team culture was how teams can align recruitment with wider organisational goals. Many elite sports teams place equal emphasis on talent and character when identifying potential recruits, with a positive attitude and the willingness of an athlete to push themselves and their teammates to a higher level being a key recruitment criteria for many elite clubs. If an organisation can bring in players who fit strategic and cultural objectives then the team is likely to be more cohesive and successful in the long-term.

Learning from mistakes

Several sessions at the summit highlighted the importance of comprehensive performance review processes, with the ability to take positive lessons from negative experiences being crucial for organisations looking to progress and improve. Pressure can cause coaches and players to make poor decisions, but the construction of internal guidelines designed to mitigate against past errors can become a cornerstone of future success. Every organisation makes mistakes, but those who learn from them and put effective processes in place to prevent repetition are often the most prosperous.

About Prozone:

Established in 1995, Prozone has been pioneering performance analysis for 19 years. In that time we’ve worked with many of the leading clubs and organisations in sport to deliver the high-quality performance analysis services.

In 2015 Prozone was acquired by STATS, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company. Together, the two businesses are combining their pro and media expertise to deliver the best analysis solutions available.

With a global network of local expertise, Prozone continues to change the game through innovative technologies and applied performance insights.

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