How positivity can help you achieve even the most daunting task


(Adapted from an article originally published by Team Inov-8 runner Ben Abdelnoor titled: THINK POSITIVE, RUN FASTER).

Our careers and the path they follow are much more abstract than those undertaken a few generations ago. A career path used to be linear but now people progress in many different directions, often changing career paths completely as working life extends. Gone are the days of the company lifers and gold watches at the end of forty years service. With intangible career paths ahead of us we should start approaching how we envisage succeeding in more abstract ways. Rather than merely clocking in on time and satisfactorily completing tasks.

We can learn from the inspirational story of Ben Abdelnoor, published on Inov-8, an avid sportsman who set his mind to overcome an insurmountable challenge that could have forced many to simply give up their goals. When James was 24 he had fallen in love with off-road running on fells and trails in the Lake District. However after a paragliding accident in New Zealand left him with a crushed vertebrae doctors broke the news that he should prepare himself to never run again.

This incredible story of positivity, drive and determination can be transferred to the way we look at our careers.  Using this as an influence it would be wise to suggest that we can all not only achieve more from our work but also enjoy the challenges that are put in front of us and reap the rewards of achieving our goals. But how can you do this?

Choose Positive

It is a choice. It may not always seem like it but we can only really think about situations in one way and we control that. Through changing our negative perceptions of the situation into positives we can be prepared to work longer and harder, achieving better results. Taking the example of a particularly difficult project or tedious thankless task. If we change the way in which we approach these we will see better outcomes. Try to look at the project as a way to stretch yourself to your full potential, see the task as a learning opportunity and you will undoubtedly feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Break down your goal into smaller targets

Instead of looking at the long term goal and feeling overwhelmed, try breaking these down into smaller mile stones. Reaching these smaller targets will help spur you on and make progress without you even realising it. Achieving these will also give you the self-belief that you will be able to achieve your main goal.

Trust and Belief

These are key to achieving what you want in your career, giving you the faith in yourself to take on more responsibility and challenges. It is very easy for people to shy away from situations that they don’t feel entirely comfortable with. If you’re not pushing yourself forward no one else is going to and believing in yourself gives you the courage and drive to do so.

Enjoyment and Happiness

These are key to success in your career. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing it will impact your performance and other aspects of your life. You need to make the most of the talents you have and play to your strengths as success will come quicker when you do. The most important part is to appreciate the moments of happiness striving towards your goals brings and value all that you have achieved.

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