How adidas innovates for the 2014 World Cup

This week in GlobalSportsJobs' BRAZIL 3-SIXTYº series with adidas Group Blog, we meet Antonio Zea, Innovation Director for football, who tells us about the timings he looks towards as he takes us on a tour of the adidas innovation lab to show some of the product testing methods, specifically focusing on 2014 World Cup jerseys. 

GlobalSportsJobs asked Antonio 'How does the adidas Innovation Team forecast the next big development in football? Is it a macro-environment analysis (PESTLE factors), a strictly technological innovation breakdown, or an inquiry into the wider world of sports?'

"We use a combination of macro trend info (PESTLE factors), emphasis on the latest technology and engineering, vertical football trends, and consumer insights to craft the future of football.  Sometimes it is as simple as fulfilling a consumers unmet need that hasn’t been done yet.  Other times it is taking the sport, equipment, or experience of football in a new direction."



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