GlobalSportsJobs and our university partners at WISE 2015

Next week the GlobalSportsJobs team will be heading to Lausanne for WISE, a unique international convention for career development in the sports industry. 

If you’re interested in joining us and around 1,000 other participants at the event, it’s not too late to register. Click here for full details. 

Ahead of the event we spoke to representatives from two of our university partners, SBS & CIES who will both be at the event, to hear their thoughts on the benefits of advanced education in sports business as a route into the industry and the importance of events such as WISE to their students: 

Federico Fantini, General Director, Strategie per il Business dello Sport (SBS)

The global sporting environment is getting more and more complex and evolving always faster. Management skills and specialised techniques are now required by brands, properties, governing bodies and investors operating in the industry at all levels. Therefore advanced education in sports economics and management is vital for matching the high expectations of the markets and winning the upcoming challenges in the sport system.
The complexity of the sport system and the role played by innovation has extended the scope of the sport industry, meaning job profiles have become more sophisticated. This in turn has increased the international offering of sport management and executive education programmes in the last few years. 

Events like WISE Lausanne have the opportunity to become an effective map for assessing the current sport industry scenario, identifying suitable partners and suppliers and getting better networked in the industry. They provide a great platform for students to identify opportunities and for sport job seekers to break into this exciting global labour market.

Alessandro Pellicciotta, Head of Marketing & Development, Centre International d’Etude du Sport (CIES)

As international sport management becomes increasingly more complex and high profile, the sports industry is demanding graduates who have specialist sports management skills and knowledge. For graduates to be able to make a positive contribution to an organization in their chosen sport they must be equipped with the necessary skills. Today, we can see sport specialists in areas such as law, marketing & communications and many more. 

The FIFA Master is a multi-disciplinary MA with students studying modules in management, law and humanities of sport. We are passionate about ensuring our students develop a sound understanding of how modern sport has developed and equipping them with the skills they will need to be successful in such a fast-changing area of business. 
Bringing together leading personalities of the sport’s world, this international convention, WISE, will present the various sports professions and the market evolution, trends and educational programs related thereto. Many stakeholders from the sports industry, including national and international federations, confederations, clubs, athletes, recruitment agencies and event organisers, will share ideas and experiences to expand their knowledge and create new business opportunities.

WISE provides a unique opportunity to meet leading figures from across the professional sports world, whilst facilitating important networking openings that will ultimately accelerate the growth and development of sports career management. We are very pleased that the CIES is actively involved in this convention by providing its academic expertise and network of experts in the development of the programme. WISE is a very interesting platform to promote our activities and to explore new opportunities which could be linked with CIES sport education programmes.

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