Four hints to help you reach your goals in 2015

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First published on TSE Consulting.

Goal setting and making the action plan to reach the goal is never an easy process. Luckily, there is lots of guidance available on how to do this in an effective and timely manner. What isn't shared as much, however, are the things that can disrupt your plans and come in the way of you reaching your goals. Here are four hints to make sure you don't get derailed in reaching your goals in 2015. 


Watch who you share your goals with

Having taken the time to set your goals and think about how they are going to be achieved, it is natural to want to share your plans with the world. But be careful with whom you share your goals. Unfortunately, there is always going to be people out there who don't have your best interest in mind. It is too easy to get distracted by people's reactions when the case might be that they simply don't understand what has led you to set this goal. Some people may also just be jealous or competitive. It is good to share your goals with others that you trust but prudence is recommended. Even the closest of friends may simply not understand and can throw you off your journey to success.


Think about what you are willing to sacrifice

Succeeding in reaching a goal can often mean having to make a sacrifice in another area of your life. Make sure that you have thought about this before embarking on your action plan. For example, if the goal is to get a promotion at work, then your social or family life might have to suffer. If it is to lose some weight and you have planned to see a personal trainer, then that is money that will have to be taken from other areas of your life. The action plan you set shouldn't just be what you will have to do, but also what you might have to do less off. Think this through so that you are prepared for the sacrifices as well as the hard work. 


Be ready for failure

Setting a goal is the first step in setting yourself up for success. Unfortunately, however, sometimes life just gets in the way. During the journey towards your goal you might face points of failure. These should not make you give up, but rather you should use them as learning points so that you can redirect and continue your journey more effectively than before. The old saying holds true: 'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.'


Plan ahead

When you reach your goal it will be time for celebration! But what comes next? Sometimes reaching a goal can actually derail you for the future. When you step on that scale, you jump for joy that you've hit your target weight. What follows is a celebration where you enjoy an extra dessert, or take that second piece of pizza. Next thing you know, you have slipped back into old habits and are sliding away from your goal. You get that promotion and next thing you know you are leaving work early to celebrate a year of hard work and not making that extra effort that got you the recognition. Make sure that you are ready to reach you goal and that you have also thought about what that means for your next step. Enjoy a celebration, but make sure that celebration doesn't set you back. 


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