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We announced in November that after reading about the opportunity on the @GoGlobal Twitter feed, Ollie Silverton fought off fierce competition to be named GMR Marketing’s Ultimate Sports & Entertainment Apprentice. But how did he find the interview process and what has it been like settling into his new role? We caught up with Ollie who shared with us his experience so far, culminating in a week of media training with SportBusiness:

How did you find out about the Ultimate Sports & Entertainment Apprenticeship and what made you apply?

I read about the role and the process from the GlobalSportsJobs Twitter account and to be honest from that moment I was intent on winning, as was every sports and entertainment enthusiast.

How did you find the interview process from a candidate perspective?

Last year, I was very fortunate to land the #BestJobInTheWorld with Titan Bet, which also started with a video application. That process was by no means as thorough or testing as the six weeks of challenges I was set by GMR Marketing. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the whole process as it tested a bit of everything from presenting in the early stages to a written piece, quick thinking during a Skype Interview and then creativity with the final five minute film. I can’t really fault the process at all. The hardest part was just the waiting in-between each stage, wondering if I had made it or not.

What were your main considerations when producing the video interview?

With the initial 90-second video I just wanted to show off my personality as much as I could whilst also proving I had relevant experience. The 90-second time restraint was tough but it meant you only put in the absolute essentials. I didn’t necessarily feel I said all I wanted to in that time, so when I made the top ten I made a couple of flippant and light-hearted videos which included being in fancy dress and flirting with Keira Knightley. These videos were mainly for social media and to tell my friends what I was trying to achieve and how to vote. The response was simply amazing with over 25,000 views and over 125 shares on the two videos which meant the votes came flooding in from all sorts of people and that was a pretty special feeling.

When I found out the task for the final was to make another film I was excited but a tad nervous in truth. Getting that far was great but if I wasn’t successful I would have been devastated. I really thought about what I could do to stand out and be different and luckily it paid off. Trying to get rugby fans on World Cup Final day to talk about brands and activations is no walk in the park. Their main priorities lied elsewhere so I tried to make it fun for them, created a few games and luckily the interviewees on the whole were brilliant.

Competition was fierce and you were victorious. What do you think made you stand out and ultimately be successful?

It really was fierce and I am sure I wasn’t the only one looking at the others, watching their films and tracking their Twitter accounts because there were plenty of brilliant candidates. I think the videos I made for social media to generate extra votes really helped in the end because I didn’t just rest on my laurels. I wanted to guarantee my spot in that top three and being proactive certainly helped in that regard. I was also lucky that I had some great advice from various people ahead of the panel interview which was my first one to date and going into the interview fairly relaxed but prepared seemed to pay dividends.

What are your career aspirations within the Sports industry?

At this moment in time I can’t pinpoint exactly what I want to do within the industry, I just know the essential thing is that sport is heavily involved. One of the great and exciting things about this year is that I will experience so many different areas of the sports industry, from brand activations to presenting and journalism. I’ll be able to see what I enjoy the most and will pursue a career in that direction.

The absolute end goal is probably to be a sports presenter/broadcaster, I am a bit addicted to most ball sports which helps and travelling the world talking about them would be ideal - a sort of Graham Norton of the sports world if you will.

You completed a week of media training with SportBusiness in your first week, how did you find it?

The first week at SportBusiness was very exciting and eye opening. My knowledge on the actual business of sport and how it all operates wasn’t too extensive so I definitely learnt a lot and it will be very helpful and pertinent for the year ahead. Now I am off to GMR, I can’t wait for the next 51 weeks! With all the travel involved with the job I will meet a lot of the GMR employees which will be fantastic and I can’t wait to get stuck in and start making some compelling content.

Follow Ollie’s journey at www.gmrmarketing.com and on Twitter at @GMRMarketingUK and of course we’ll keep you up-to-date on our @GoGlobal Twitter channel. 


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