Entrepreneurial lessons from the founder of adidas

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Adi Dassler, the founder of adidas, always put great emphasis on documenting his ideas, thoughts and learnings. Thanks to this habit, we still know a lot about what drove the man who gave our brand its name, the man who laid the foundation for the entire sporting goods industry.

Adi Dassler had big dreams but he certainly couldn’t foresee the impact these dreams would have one day when he opened his first shoe factory in 1924. He was just a simple shoemaker who didn’t have much to call his own – except for a heart full of passion, inventive genius, skilled hands and the courage to push the limits. He was the paradigm of what we nowadays call an entrepreneur.

But what drove the man who founded adidas and led the company to global success? And what do others have to say about the man who founded adidas and led it to global success?

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Who was the man who gave adidas its name?

adidas, a combination of Adi’s first and last name, was registered on August 18th, 1949, in Fuerth, Germany, near his hometown Herzogenaurach. With the help of 47 workers, Adi continued to follow his one guiding vision: To provide every athlete with the best footwear for his or her respective discipline. It was this principle that guided him right up until his death in 1978. 

Adi Dassler was there for the company he brought to life, nurtured, pushed, and developed until the day he died. But the cornerstone of his success was the passion and drive he brought to work every day which still helps professional and everyday athletes in any discipline around the world achieve their impossibles today.

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