End January on a high with these 6 top tips to a better career


How productive has January been for you so far? Have you got the new career or promotion you dreamed of? Or maybe you’ve felt too busy to take that next step up until now.

Let these six top tips from adidas Group Vice President Human Resources Global Brands, Michelle Wilkinson set you on your way to success this February.

1. Define what your values are about your career.

Write down a list of answers to the following question: ‘what is REALLY important for you about your career?’ List the first things that come to your mind. Focus on what your gut feelings, not just on what your head says. Select the top 5 and put them in order of importance. Ask yourself why these are so important to you. What are your beliefs about your career. These values act as a compass in helping you in decision making about career choices, to ensure they are aligned with your values.

2. Visualize your career goals for the rest of the year.

Write a statement or several statements outlining what you want to achieve with your career. Is it a new skill, knowledge, attitude, more money, promotion or something else? Write your statements specifically on the future and what you would be seeing, hearing and feeling when you know you have been successful.

3. Get a coach or mentor.

Find someone who you admire and trust to discuss how you could go about realizing your career goals for the year to come. To have a strong sparring partner makes it easier to reach your goals.

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