Discover the future of sport broadcast: 3D immersive content


A research team led by Professor Ahmet Kondoz, Director of the Institute for Digital Technologies at Loughborough University London, has recently completed a three-year ROMEO project, which looked at how we can combine digital broadcast video (the typical television broadcast to antenna) with wired or wireless broadband, delivering uninterrupted 3D immersive content to the user.

Now that this powerful, new technology has been created, the Institute for Digital Technologies will work in collaboration with the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University London to discover how the technology can be used to benefit the sports industry.

This technology means sports fans and those working within the sport industry can watch multiple high-definition views of events simultaneously, using multiple screens. They can watch the action in 3D and from a range of different camera angles, all whilst keeping up-to-date with stats and the latest social media reactions in real-time.

Imagine watching a goal in 3D from a camera fitted inside the goal posts, or from the referee’s head cam, or a wide angle above the field, from a camera pointed at each coach or even from a camera focused exclusively on the scoring player. You could watch all of these angles at the same time, with the ability to pause, rewind, zoom and rotate each view. Whilst all of this is taking place, you could also generate live player running stats and monitor field locations, match statistics and Twitter feeds on a range of other screens. You’d need to grow another eights pairs of eyes to keep-up!

All of these screens have the ability to appear, reappear and be organised by you, allowing you to create a personal, multi-faceted experience unique to your preferences. What does the consumer actually want from this technology? What would the cost model be? How can the technology be adopted on a wider scale? Can this technology be applied to enhance users’ in-stadium experience? All of these questions and more will be posed by the Institute for Sport Business and the Institute for Digital Technologies moving forward.

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