Digital can change the relationship between clubs and fans


A new browser is altering the key relationship in football – the one between a club and its supporters. According to our editorial partner, Digital Sport, Premier Browser is enabling greater engagement for brands and increased benefits to the fans.

David Berney, a former CEO of a Charity Foundation, has crafted a platform based on his knowledge and experience in the charity industry which brings wider communities with a single interest together.

His product Premier Browser – a football club-branded browser downloadable as an extension – offers club fans and users of that browser points which they can redeem for merchandise from their club.

Berney says: “We wanted to create something that didn’t require users to change their behaviours so we worked on downloadable extensions to their pc and their browser. The extension would then enable that zero change in behaviour or their shopping to earn them points to then be redeemed for merchandise. The reward program gives money back to the fans and lets them endorse their club as well as branding up their phone or their PC.” While David suggested the tool was more suitable for community engagement than it was direct engagement between the fan and the club, he said that it was about trying to bring them both together.

“It’s about sustainable engagement. Where the club is able to gain commercial revenue from digital engagements, that revenue is shared back to the fan and at the same time, it makes it possible to boost the community.”

Everton and Manchester City have become early adopters with Berney’s goal to sign up another 20 clubs in the next year.

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