Boost your career in the sports industry by learning a new language


As you are reading this article on it is highly likely that you will come across a whole multitude of different language requirements when looking for your next move. Whatever your role, learning a new language can prove extremely worthwhile.

Learning a second language has been credited for increasing the size of your brain, meaning your potential ability to take on new challenges increases and you are much more likely to perform successfully. Intensive studies carried out in Japan have linked learning a new language to increased brain activity. It is because of these studies that we now know people who are fluent in more than one language have better memories, are more cognitively creative and are mentally more flexible than mono-linguists. 

How does this relate to sport?

Sport is a global industry and international moves are realistic and achievable. With this in mind, taking up that second or third language could give you access to some great new opportunities. This by no means is an easy task but if you are looking for a career in sport, there is a good chance you have participated in sport growing up, so why not treat learning a new language like learning a new sport?

There is the constant repetition of words, phrases and expressions in languages, which in sport could be otherwise known as drills or a long day at training. Learning a language takes time; in fact it is commonly suggested that it can take anything up to five years to become truly good at a new language, and then a lifetime to maintain it. As with any sports professional, a sports business professional will spend a large part of their life becoming the best they can and will maintain that effort until they retire. So why not use the inspiration of your favourite sports stars to get you started and remind yourself how hard they’ve worked to reach the top of their game when your commitment waivers, then use that to encourage yourself to keep going. 

An excellent quote from blogger Ta-Nehisi Coates suggests “It is not enough to memorize the words. You have to train your mouth to say them. It's like weight-lifting. Your mouth and tongue need ‘reps’."  

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