A winning mindset holds the key to success


In partnership with GlobalSportsJobs, Sporting Edge will be showcasing a selection of insight videos with some practical tools for driving high performance in professional life and business.

Even the best individual performers create a world class team around them to keep them focused, motivated and challenged. Who do you connect with for honest feedback? Do you actively search for the best in the business to speak to about your career? Do you have a hunger and drive to be better in 2016 than you were last year?

Sporting Edge believe that a winning mindset is the key to your success in business. By creating a world class team of friends, advisors and mentors you will create your own high performance climate that will inspire you to new levels.

This week’s insight comes from former British tennis number one Annabel Croft. In this clip Annabel explains one of the key reasons behind Andy Murray’s success. Murray’s success during 2015 was incredible and his year culminated with helping the GB Davis Cup team to secure their first victory in eight decades.

Sporting Edge is a high-performance consultancy which solves business challenges using the winning mindset from sport. Having worked with and interviewed many of the world’s leading sports leaders and teams, Sporting Edge has created a game changing digital library of insights to inspire and educate businesses and industry professionals on the requirements needed to achieve success in business through performance.

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