A Unique Sport R&T Centre Based In Singapore

Manufacturing now is a combination of science and engineering with new nano- and macro-composites shaping the future of the industry and sport. At ISR they are investing in up-stream research which can be applied to sports products. The ISR has been based in Singapore as it is a recognised sports hub in the Asia-Pacific region due to its conductive business environment and strong sporting culture. All types of companies are setting up regional headquarters in the area to further extend their businesses unlocking new opportunities in the region such as research and development (R&D), supply chain management and marketing.

Central to the development of sports in the region is Singapore’s new initiative called Vision 2030, where sport is used as a strategy to help everyone “live better though sports”.  The initiative will see a greater promotion of mass participation alongside increasing its high performance program, of which the technology advancement will have to keep pace with.

For this reason the ISR are looking to work with the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) in order to develop products and make them leaders in the R&T industry for the region. Leading them into the future is ex semi pro basketballer and world cup windsurfer Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, who has been in sport for 22 years, but specifically in the sports innovation industry for 10 years with his own company.

ISR and Des Ouches are specifically offering the Asia-Pacific market a tailored R&D approach for products that will be specific to their culture and sporting practise. ISRs uniqueness comes from the large amount of research that they are invested in putting them at the forefront of sporting  development. They source research from NTU campus and LU in the UK, combining a multidisciplinary approach crossing sports science with material sciences and mechanical/ electronic engineering. ISR highlight that they have strong expertise in polymer science with synthesis and nanoparticle functionalization for polymer nano-composites.













R&D within ISR continue to research high performance carbon composite structures to be applied to sports products while they continue to show development and expertise in helmet innovation. As a side Des Ouches does state that the company do invest in a small amount into embedded electronics for footwear, equipment and apparel but is not their main focus of business. The company already work for numerous sports brands such as Babolat and sports master to name a few and continue to develop technology to apply to sports equipment innovating the future of sport.

This article was a summary of the WFSGI Magazine Article ‘A Unique Sport R&T Centre Based In Singapore’. Author Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, Executive Director, institute for Sports Research (ISR), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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