A day in the life of the Head of Corporate Services, Limelight Sports


GlobalSportsJobs interviewed Sue Courtney, Head of Corporate Services at Limelight Sports, to find out about her role at the organisation and what it is like being part of a sports marketing team that works with such a wide range of clients...

Can you quickly outline Limelight Sports as an organisation and the area of the company you work in?

Limelight Sports is creating active experiences for leading brands. We engage their audience through participation platforms and campaigns, and we deliver from big ideas, to strategy and execution.

What are your main responsibilities at Limelight Sports?

As Head of Corporate Services I am responsible for overseeing all our corporate functions including HR, Learning & Development, Knowledge Management, Internal Communications, Corporate Systems and Corporate Accreditation as well as overseeing our UK office function.

Can you give us insight into a typical day in the office?

At Limelight Sports we are embracing flexible ways of working, so I actually work remotely from home in South Wales most of the time and then come to the office once a week to catch up with the team and for meetings. When I’m at home the first part of the day tends to be catching up with people and I do a lot of this via Skype for Business, which I really like as I feel like I am part of the office getting to see people through video conferencing! We also hold a lot of global and local meetings via conferencing tools so connectivity is never an issue wherever you are!

As a lot of my work is strategic or confidential, I find working from home is great for these aspects. However, I love going to the office as I get to talk to people and see what is happening face to face. The days I’m in the office I’m often in back to back meetings and never have any real desk time but this works well as I have a lot of desk time when working from home.

How do you become a Head of Corporate Services?

My background is quite varied having started our my career in PR and then progressing into Project Management and delivery I feel that I have a really thorough understanding for what we do as a company, which has put me in good stead for understanding the challenges that employees face on a day to day basis.

Over the past five years my role has purely focused on the corporate side and I am in the last year of a Masters in HRM, which has enable me to get my Associated CIPD membership, which is integral to a role in HR.

What are the qualities needed to become a Head of Corporate Services and what have you learnt since taking on the role?

This role definitely requires strong people skills and an ability to demonstrate high levels of trust. On a weekly basis I am often involved in conversations with employees or line managers that are highly confidential, where they require your advice or input on how to handle a certain situation.

It’s also a very strategic role and you are required to look at all aspects of the business in order to ensure the best corporate functions are delivered.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your role as Head of Corporate Services?

There are constant challenges on a daily basis but we have a strong leadership team here at Limelight, which means you can always chat to a colleague to work out how to handle a situation.

What makes Limelight Sports such a great place to work?

I have worked for Limelight Sports (on and off) since 1998 and the thing I love about the company is its passion for an active world. The whole team lives and breathes what we do and this comes through on a daily basis, through the delivery of our work, to the team bonding, running together or playing netball or football is a regular occurrence and once a month we all come together for #WeAllMove, a day where we encourage everyone to take part in some form of activity together (it’s always great fun!).

The team is also really creative and I really feel that I work with the most knowledgeable people in terms of participation sport. There is a constant drive to deliver everything we do at the highest level and this comes through in the team, who never settle for second best. Being surrounded by people like this makes is a really dynamic place to work.

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