A Day in the Life of... Peta Stuart-Hunt, PR Director, PR Works


1. What do you actually do?

I run my own PR Consultancy in the Marine Leisure market called PR Works.

2. Can you lead us through a timeline of a typical day in the office?

First of all I check social media news feeds before contributing to them. I then write press releases and spend a lot of time on the phone providing consultancy advice to clients, all of whom are in the marine leisure market. I am currently working as Press Officer for the Round the Island (Isle of Wight) Race, as well as several other sailing clubs and I am also the Marketing Director for a new performance sail wear clothing brand. I am now into my 5th year as Press Officer for the Round the Island Race where a lot of the work I do is with the title Sponsors JP Morgan Asset Management. This involves liaising with both them and all of their associated agencies they use to activate sponsorship. In addition to this, I am in contact with an array of partners and second tier sponsors to make sure they get as much as they can from their relationship with the race. Another vital part of this role is working with the Island Sailing Club (event organisers) to make sure the sailing media have access to competitor stories, as well as building a media team for the event itself. On the day of the race I blog for about 17 hours - A hugely long day! Despite the event only lasting for a day, the growth and media demands means that this is now a year round role. 

3. How do you become a PR Director?

I was a journalist! I am old school in the sense that I believe that you are born to it - you're either really good at it, or not very good at all. I do not believe that there is such thing as mediocre PR - I don't believe that any brand can afford to have mediocre talent working for them!

4. What are the qualities needed to be a PR Director?

You must be able to write, listen, interpret, grab an opportunity when you see one and most of all, you need to be able to build chemistry and relationships. 

5. Can you tell us about a project/task within your career that you have particularly enjoyed? 

During my 8 years as Press Officer for Cowes Week, I was able to lift the whole brand of the event way beyond what it was. Working alongside title sponsor at the time, Skandia, I managed to bring the event to the public's attention. It grew massively and the value of the media coverage quadrupled in about two years. 

Bringing this new clothing brand, Hudson Wight, to market is extraordinary; in a crowded and competitive market, to launch a new brand of clothing is challenging, to say the least (!), but something I am putting all my 30 years of experience into!  

Peta Stuart-Hunt is a Marine leisure Marketing Communications & Events specialist who runs her own company, PR Works

You can follow on Twitter here - @PRPeta

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