A Day in the Life of... Lucy Fitzgerald, Account Manager, Events & Hospitality, Fuse Sport + Entertainment

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What does an Events + Hospitality Account Manager actually do?

It’s quite a varied role which usually starts out with some strategic planning against a client’s business objectives, and then becomes quite logistics and detail focused for the remainder of the year - planning and delivering everything we’ve promised the client! The Events + Hospitality team at Fuse Sport + Entertainment strive to create unique guest experiences which run seamlessly, whilst integrating brand & product in order to ensure it’s a real ‘Brand Experience’. It’s a mixture of planning, operational delivery, financial reconciliation and then of course evaluation to demonstrate we’ve achieved what we set out to do.  We’re currently really busy working with lots of football projects, including Carlsberg and their Premier League partnership, and Nissan’s UEFA’s Champions League partnership. It’s rare to have a quiet moment when working in Events + Hospitality – it’s a dynamic environment because however meticulously you plan, you always have to roll with the punches!


Can you lead us through a timeline of a typical day in the office?

My workload can change each day but I’ll go from working with my clients global markets to help them manage the use of their sponsorship events assets, to talking to rights holders to make things happen on the ground, scheduling, managing guest lists, talking to venues, writing guest comms, ticketing, dealing with bespoke branded merchandise or working as part of a larger team to deliver huge brand experiences at major sporting events. Never a dull moment!


How do you become an Account Manager?

I came from an Event Management background, organising events in the Alps which involved liaising with sponsors and partners, running activations and the on site management of staff. 


What are the qualities needed to be an Account Manager and what have you learned since being in the role (challenges/opportunities)?

The ability to multitask and stay calm under pressure is essential in this role but being able to prioritise your workload and having attention to detail are also fundamental.  It’s important to be personable and to build strong professional relationships as you often have to think outside of the box. Strong communication skills and patience are also crucial! 


Can you tell us about a project/task within your Events career that you have particularly enjoyed?

One of the events in my career which was probably the most challenging, but also the most rewarding was being the Festival Director of a sports festival in Salou, Spain – 12,000 guests over two weeks, my main responsibilities included the management of over 200 staff per week, overseeing the day’s sports competitions, dealing with partners, suppliers, artists, local interpreters, police and international newspaper reporters.  At Fuse, I really enjoy the variety of our work and the chance to work across large global programmes. The Fuse culture is also very inspiring, working with a variety of people who are all very skilled and brilliant at what they do. 

By Lucy Fitzgerald, Account Manager, Events & Hospitality, Fuse Sport + Entertainment






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