A Day in the Life of... A Team Manager for Race The World at Limelight Sports


 Race the World is the first round the world cycling race for amateurs set up by Limelight Sports.

1.    What does a Team Manager do? 
Team Managers are central figures within each Race the World team and are responsible for all the sporting and operational matters within their team as they race through five continental legs. This covers deciding the team’s tactical strategy for the day, ensuring riders have what they need to race and coordinating the team’s support staff and mechanic. Team Managers are also responsible for liaising with race management on a daily basis. 

2.    Can you lead us through a timeline of a typical day on the race? 
Typically a Team Manager’s day will start with a team staff catch up where they will run through the day’s operations. The Team Manager would then have a final read through of the days race route and make any final adjustment to the team’s race strategy for the day, which would then be communicated to the team. Then it’s making their way to the start line with the riders. Once on the road the Team Manager drives with the team mechanic behind the team, providing navigational and tactical support for the riders. This includes scheduled and unscheduled changes in riders racing. At the end of the race the Team Manager will have a debrief with the team, review the strategy for the following day and ensure the riders have all they need to start their recovery for the following day. The final task for the day is to attend the daily Team Managers meeting where they will be updated on the next day’s route, any changes and any other relevant information from the race management. 

3.    How do you become a Team Manager? 
Team Managers will have a background in team management, cycling and expeditions. It is a dynamic role and will be deal with many factors on a daily basis during race time that will affect the team’s performance. Most Team Managers will come into the role through their experiences as a rider and/or coach. Strong operational skills in challenging locations are also crucial and so people entering from roles within the forces, travel and sport sector will thrive within the role. 

4.    What are the qualities needed to be a Team Manager and what can you learn within in the role?
In such a challenging role you are always on call. Team Managers firstly need to have a strong grounding in technical knowledge of cycling and an in-depth understanding of how good teams operate. This means that people management is crucial to get the best out of every single individual involved within the race.  Flexibility and understanding of how to adapt to everything that the open road can throw at you is crucial for success as plans are always being changed as more detail is collated by the team vehicle. This can be challenging, but is also very rewarding! When combining this with the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most remote and beautiful places, this a very exciting role!

5.    Can you tell us about a project/task within the role that is the most motivating for Team Managers? 
The most exciting part of the role is to work in such a dynamic environment. Helping riders be their in vast remote locations makes the role no ordinary 9-5. 

A simple idea. A chance to make history. Race the World is the first round the world cycling race for amateurs. It is more than an adventure: it is an opportunity to challenge yourself on a route unlike any other.

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