A day in the life of a developer at IIC-INTERSPORT


With their continuous effort to put the best possible products into the hands of sport outfitters around the world, inspiration and innovation are at the heart of all that IIC-INTERSPORT do. They are therefore regularly on the look-out for new inspirational and innovative employees that would like to make a valuable contribution, grow, dream and be creative.

But what is it like to work for IIC-INTERSPORT?

For this exclusive feature on GlobalSportsJobs.com, we’ve spoken with Laura Johns, a Developer at IIC-INTERSPORT, who offered us some unique insight into her role role, what makes the company unique and what are the qualities needed to be a successful developer.

Outline IIC-INTERSPORT as an organisation and the area of the company you work in?

IIC-INTERSPORT is a sporting goods company catering to the needs of an international market. It's a fast paced environment, which requires flexibility and adaptability. I work in the textiles department as a developer of leisure street wear and snow wear.

What does a developer actually do?

In a nutshell, a developer is responsible for taking the black & white collection designs from our product line managers and turning them into reality. This means creating a product which satisfies the needs of our end consumer by keeping function, fit, quality and cost at top of mind.

Can you lead us through a timeline of a typical day in the office?

At peak periods, expect to be juggling a few seasons at once. Close co-orporation and communication with the product line managers to ensure the correct outcome. This includes organising/conducting fittings, selection and development of fabrics/prints/trims and maintaining clear communication with our suppliers in other countries (in my case, Asia) until the product is realised. Along with these tasks, naturally much computer work via emails and data input is required to organise the products being developed.


How do you become a developer?

My background consists of a Bachelor of Human Ecology - major in textiles with a minor in business. A strong knowledge of pattern making and fit provide the backbone for this job; however, a good eye for trends/commerciality along with flexibility and keen desire to learn allow a gateway into such a career.

What are the qualities needed to be a developer and what have you learned since being in the role?

Desirable qualities for such a job include speed and efficiency, focus/concentration, clear sense of commerciality towards end consumer, flexibility and open communication. Since being in this role, I've certainly adapted to efficient decision making - some years of experience and background allow clear and accurate forecasts for the different market needs.

What are the idiosyncrasies of IIC-INTERSPORT as a company that distinguish it from other companies in the sporting goods sector?

IIC-INTERSPORT is a unique company as we have many head buying offices globally. This presents both challenges and opportunities as you must listen and study the feedback from our buyers to understand their market needs. Armed with this information, you must create a commercial collection which satisfies the needs of most.

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