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First published on TSE Consulting.

Lima, capital of the Republic of Peru and an ancient city with a history of over 5,000 years of civilizations before the Inca Empire, has developed many Sport for All initiatives throughout the city. Lima was also the host of the IOC's 15th World Conference on Sport for All in April, which brought together over 500 leading experts in the field of Sport for All from almost 90 countries to share their best practices on a wide range of activities.

The 'Villa Deportiva' is one of the largest Sport for All initiatives in Lima. This modern multi-sports complex - designed to host national and international events - has contributed to improving the living conditions in the area of Lima by offering the local population an opportunity to meet and play sport together for free. With over 40,000 people regularly using the facilities, the Villa Deportiva is also a great job platform. 

"In Lima, we believe that sport can change people's lives. We think that using sport as a tool to improve social conditions and drive economic development is the best way to achieve results and that is why we spend a lot of resources and time in developing Sports for All initiatives such as the Villa Deportiva" says Susana Cordova, General Manager of Sport and Education at the Municipality of Lima. 

Another Sport for All initiative is the Lima Half Marathon, which has celebrated its 104th edition last September. More than seven thousand runners laced up their shoes and took part in the oldest Half-Marathon of South America, if not of the world, promoting the practice of sport as well as the health and social benefits of sport.

This demonstration and love for sports has practically turned Peru and especially Lima in the American capital of sport, having organised more than 30 world class sport events in the last 10 years. All this was done in close coordination and cooperation between the Peruvian Olympic Committee and its 40 National Sports Federations, the Peruvian Sports Institute, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and the 42 district municipalities and with the support of the Central Government.

Being in Lima means breathing sport from dawn to dusk and it is this unique energy, the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the quality of life of those living in this great city that will enable Lima to establish itself in the global sports landscape and to soon be regarded one of the major sports cities in the world.

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